7 Reasons Why You Should Blog Daily?

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Do you know every second as I write this blog post 100 more blogs are being published on internet.

Blogging is just like an online diary (as that was its original purpose). Today, people blog because they want to share something they deem as important. However, not all blogs get the attention they deserve and lack behind in their particular niche.

In this article I will tell you about the 10 reasons, why you should blog on a daily basis.

1. Blogging makes you express yourself and your opinion:

Everyone in this world has his own opinion. Because everyone is send with something unique and different thinking style. We often term that as the ‘curiosity’. Some people are low on curiosity while others are high, but everyone has it in them. Those who are anxious to show the world what they think, or what their point of view is… use different mediums like by writing a book, or by giving lectures or by becoming a columnist in a magazine or a newspaper. However, that was the ‘old school’. Now young people who want to express themselves use blogs, forums and social networks to express their ideas.

However, on ones blog, the person can express anything and everything in detail and unlike on forums, visitors will only comment on what they think about the post published.

2. Blogging daily gives you authority over a particular niche:

I remember a example that I read on internet somewhere that the best authority on internet is not of a PHD doctor who knows each and everything. But of a blogger who can express that in his blog.

It does not matter if you are not a degree holder in a particular topic, if you can express that topic on your blog and readers can understand what you are saying than you got yourself some powerful authority.

Check around the internet, how many bloggers are out there writing on different niches. Do you think all of them are trained and have the required knowledge? Yes, some might be having but not all. But people love to read their blogs… Why is that? Because they express their views and they do it consistently. Means, they write regularly.

 3. Blogging daily can change someone’s life:

I guess not all bloggers have this idea but their blogs can be used for many purposes. Developer blogs help developers find answers to their questions and designing blogs – that are available in tons – help designers to design better. And many people including me, are witnesses of how people became good at these things by following the articles on tutplus and other websites.

And, Many people do not know, but there are people in South Asia who have not seen school but they are good freelancers and earning good income just because they were given some blogs that were updated on a daily basis.

 4. Search engines love those blogs that are updated daily:

Let me assume that all my readers are tech savvy. You might all know that the first step to getting good website ranking is by having good content on your website. And search engines love those websites that are updated daily. That is why, most news websites are ranked the highest in search engines.

There are many reasons that make a blog rank well. Out of these reasons, one reason is the unique content and the dedication of the author. Search engines bring out new algorithms each year and to cope up with 200million blogs they have started given the most attention to blogs that are updated on a daily basis.

It’s a simple formula, the rich the content of a website is the higher the ranking it will get in its particular niche.

 5. Online users search for unique content:

Posting on a topic that has already been answered in a detailed way on internet does not garner that much attention that a unique topic will get. And when bloggers start thinking for new topics, it not only gives them new ideas to write on but also tell them new ways to extract ideas from.

And when a blog will have unique content available on it. More and more people will visit it and hence its worth in the online blogosphere will increase.

 6. Blogging daily increases trust:

The more you blog the more your trust will increase in the online community. This trust can later be used in other ways. For example, many web developers and designers who blog get good business through their blogs as well. And you will be able to do that too if you establish yourself as a trustworthy blogger.

Many times, other bloggers often invite you to write something on their blogs and in most cases, they pay handsomely for your services.

 7. Unique Content can lead to increased awareness in blogosphere:

Your blog is not only read by people but also others in your niche read your blog to get more information and search for new ideas. If your blog is new in terms of topics and has unique content, others in the blogosphere will catch the trend soon and will make the normal public aware about the topics you have answered. This trend can have positive impact in many cases, like solving an IT related error, sending children to school or raising voice for a cause.


In the end, I will just say that we grew up in the age of digital technology. We learned most of the things from internet. And when we learn something we should also add something so others can learn. And blogging is a good way to do that.