Drones are good, Weddings are evil

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Its your wedding day. You go to a dresser, get ready and are all set to attend your wedding. You reach the place (before everyone else) and stay in the room reserved for the groom. Now, anytime your (to be) wife will come and you will sign your Nikkah nama.

After some time, people start coming to the tent that was placed your village where tribal leaders gather every few days to discuss the chores of the village. Dishes are being made behind the wedding tents and people are all eager to eat and go home for a good night sleep. Slowly, time passes, its Nikkah time. Mr Maulana read the nikkah and you are married.

Now as you start to move towards the buffet table, sounds of plane start coming to your years. You look upwards but nothing is seen. Anyway its night you think for a second that some plane might be passing. But the sound gets nearer… people near you start to panic and in an instant… BOOM.

You to be bride is dead, you have lost a limb or two and other people are also in the same state.

This is how drones in Pakistan, Yemen and other countries are targeting people who gather for an event. May it be a wedding or a Funeral, tribals are not allowed to even attend those…

The below video is a pure depiction of how people react and feel when a drone hits them.

The project was made by Codepink.org. You can get the original video here.

Drone Complications – The Wedding Day by sharjeelashraf


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