From Street to Being Wired

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Tradzeye business“Take risky initiatives and unceasing efforts to sustain the stability of your business.” This is what Noman Khan says about his business success.

Being an entrepreneur is always thought of as a hard to achieve task. Nevertheless, there are many who have achieved this task and are prosperous in their fields. One such personality is of Noman Khan, who used to sell bags on the streets with his father. However, by his sheer hard work and brainpower today Noman owns three general stores of his own. Noman dedicates his business success to one seminar, ‘One seminar on entrepreneurship that changed his life’.

However, the major venture that Noman Khan is looking forward to is his pet project called Tradzeye. Still under construction Tradzeye is a business social platform that Noman thinks is going to make a difference in our society. The platform Tradzeye will serve as an online market place that will connect local businesses with international markets.

When asked about the procedure of this new online marketing platform Noman said that it would work in the usual way as all online businesses do. In the beginning, his business development teams will roam around cities making small businesses aware and bringing them on the platform. Later, this will turn in to digital format from where businesses will be able to deal directly with international markets through their ‘computer and an internet connection’ available on shop.

Noman believes that people should initiate exploration of online ventures as they can bring in more opportunities for the masses. He assumes that due to uncertain conditions of the country investors are moving away from it. On the other hand, if people use effective communication modes like online medium they can bring international investors back to the Pakistani markets.

Brand Details:

Tradzeye is a business social platform that is in its initial phase of development.


Its mission is to bring the small businesses working in Pakistan to the international markets.


You can connect with Tradzeye through Facebook or directly with Noman through his email.


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