Hackers jump-in to save Azadimarch, warn PM to leave Pakistan or face consequences

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Anonymous a hacking group have jumped-in to save azadi marchers and to showcase their anger against the ‘barbaric’ government of Pakistan.

They started by attacking the websites of the Prime minister of Pakistan. Here is a list of the websites the group claims to have attacked.















Apart from attacking the websites of Pakistani government and Pakistani military, the hacking group also released a list of around 23000 bank account details associated with the government workers.

The group has said in a press release

We are cataloging the atrocities being committed in Pakistan. We will begin at once assisting the peaceful protesters in Pakistan with every tool and tactic at our disposal. And we will initiate the process of removing every vestige of the Pakistan government from the Internet and shutting down their communications network. And the Pakistani people will then remove this criminal regime from power and lock them in prison where they belong. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif you are hereby dismissed.”

They warned the Pakistani premiere in a YouTube message that he should leave Pakistan immediately of he and his family will bear the consequences.

We’ve 1 demand when protesters turn up dead on our watch. Mister Prime Minister you are dismissed. You will now leave power. | #OpPakistan

— Operation Pakistan (@AnonOpPakistan) August 31, 2014


The group said that the Prime minister has lost the right by killing its own people.

It should be known that this is the same group that has attack many American websites when American legislators were passing internet censorship law.

The group is also active on twitter using handle @AnonOpPakistan and is posting its victory attack information using hashtag #OpPakistan.

Though, most of the websites the group claims to have hacked are back online. That brings one to the conclusion that the attacks might be DDos attack that did not do much damage to the Government websites.

There are also reports that another hacker group has hacked Pakistan.gov portal. They added Nawaz Sharif photograph on top and wrote a message below.

The message can be viewed here.


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