Here’s Why Blogism is Spreading in Commercial Sector

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blogismFrom the last few years, use of blogs has become a trend in commercial sector. Call it an act to gain exposure or to inform the public about the products, but companies are moving away from their old ways.

Why is it happening? Is the commercial sector getting more response from its virtual communication? Or, has it lost trust on mediums like newsletters and press releases?

Technology Guru’s call it ‘an easy way to maintain communication with the public’. They think blogism is spreading because, ‘A company blog can provide ‘voice’ to the company’.

Long term Marketing Asset

Blog on the other hand is a long-term marketing asset that not only helps the public but also indirectly markets the products of the corporation to the public. These blogs are beneficial for both the public and the corporation as they provide information as well as build image of the corporation.

Builds Expertise on a Topic

According to Jeffbulas, by writing on one topic you become a ‘thought leader’ in your field. People look to your blog for advice and suggestions and that is a core reason why blogism is spreading. Moreover, your blog itself become a beacon of expert information.

Is an Integration of ‘Old Ways’

If we observe closely, the old ways of sharing information are not dead. Instead, they have integrated themselves in to new ways. Take Newsletters, those monthly newsletters that were published after a month have now become digital. They have turned in to a blog post. Information is shared as soon as it is made, instead of waiting 30 days for publishing. Now companies are more closely connected with the public than ever before.

Acts as a Shield against Criticism

Press releases and newsletters for public are the old schools. Now, with blogs, companies can directly defend themselves against active criticism. Even enterprises are doing it very well like Yahoo and Google.

Blogism is spreading as more and more companies are actively using blogs for sharing information and directly communication with their public apart from the use of social media. As per the information by forbes, they have expanded the budget allocated on social media from 9% to 11% in a two year period.

This shows that in the coming years only those companies will become successful that can think about their customers’ satisfaction rather than their profits.


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