Here’s Why We don’t need Optical Drives Any more

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optical driveWhen was the last time you used your optical drive? This question came to me when I was cleaning up my computer this Sunday morning. I hardly get time to clean my computer. Only on Sunday, I find time to clean it up. This Sunday, when I was cleaning it the optical drive button was not working properly. So, I had to open it up…. But folks, that is another story.

Coming back to the question, when was the last time you used your optical drive? In the last month; in last six months or even before that?

All over the world, many of us do not use optical drives anymore. They are just another part of the system that we deem necessary (just like a floppy drive) but never use them. However, why we do that? Moreover, if we do that, do we have another option if our system is corrupted or we need to install a new window (operating system) by cd?

They Add Extra Weight:

Most users today have their own laptops. They use laptops at work and at home. These days’ laptops are coming in micro sizes and with little weight. However, users can also discard some more weight by removing optical drives from their laptops. Even apple last year shipped Mac book Pro laptops sans optical drives. They think that we don’t need optical drives anymore and those who need them can buy the usb attached DVD drives.

No one uses them:

The optical drives are redundant for some good reasons. They are sensitive; people cannot keep them as they keep their USB drives. They are fragile, a minor scratch can compromise the data withheld by the optical drive. They are used as stock; people use them to save their old data that they think will come in handy at some time of their lives. This is another reason why we don’t need optical drives.

They can be accessed via USB:

Now external optical drives are easily available online and in markets as well. It should be deemed to keep one optical drive in possession at all times. That is because Operating systems can be corrupted easily by the available viruses on cloud computers. However, it is not a compulsion to keep them attached with in the laptop. Folks can buy external drives that come in handy to install operating systems or to back up old data.

That brings us to two questions, When was the last time you used your optical drive? Moreover, do you think we don’t need optical drives anymore?


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