I have a few questions for Abdul Qadir Gilani

Yesterday Tahir a resident of Lahore was killed in firing by one of your guards while he was trying to take you over. Some are saying that Tahir was killed because he was raising a voice against VVIP culture while others are saying he was just distributing meat and the road was broken so he was slowly running his bike.

Taken from Siasat.pk

That was just one part of the incident.

But I want to ask you,

Why you have so many guards when you are not even a minister?

According to a news story on TV, an MPA can only keep two guards. While a former MPA can only have one guard. So, why you had so many guards with you?


When your guard killed an innocent person, as the son of a former Prime Minister it was your duty to drop your guard at the nearest police station and take that innocent dead body to the hospital because he died because of you.

Why you did not take his body to the hospital?

yesterday, after the death of that innocent person. You came on Capital TV and tried to defend yourself instead of apologizing to the public. Of course, it is the profit seeker Capital TV that took you online, If I were the producer I had never done such heinous thing because that is injustice to the dead soul.

And then you said that ‘protesters are shouting outside your house’.

Janab, where else will they go when police is protecting the criminal who resides in that house.

As per the training of the guards they can’t kill anyone unless the other person starts firing. Even than he can only shoot in upper leg where the meat is so it doesn’t damage the bone.

Why you did not advice your guards that?

Do you hire to kill or hire to protect?

You should be ashamed Abdul Qadir Gilani what your guard did was a crime. And you as his master should be answerable in court.

Your guard killed and you may get away with it from the court of Pakistan. But mind you there is another court up there… that you simply can’t escape.

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