Islamic struggle group moves to dark web to gather funds

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A group that calls itself Islamic struggle group has started campaign for funds on dark net. The group’s flag is very much similar to ISIS – self claimed khilafat in Iraq and Syria.

The website address is one of the onion websites that is not accessible on the normal browser and can be assessed only through TOR browser.

Many internet users on different forums however have claimed that the website is not of ISIS but belongs to NSA or CIA who want to get their hands on people who will fund the campaign. So it is basically a planted setup!

This is a screen shot of the website:

Islamic website screen shot
Islamic website screen shot

The website starts with the flag of the self claimed Islamic regime or sort of look like it.

But the message is different…

Instead of claiming itself as the Islamic regime of Iraq the website says that they want to train new recruits for defense and establishment of Islamic front in US and abroad. Moreover, they are trying to get funds on dark net because there is too much surveillance on the local network that most people use.

Funding is in Bit coins:

The funding is in bitoins as that is untraceable and can be converted in to any currency. Moreover it is easy to fund in that currency without leaving a trace…




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