Marvel’s Muslim Superhero – Compliment or Contempt?

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Marvel's muslim super heroToday when I opened Tribune’s website on left corner of the website was a news story related to Marvel. As I had been a fan of Marvel for quite some time now thanks to the Spider man comics I clicked the news story. The news was related to an announcement on IGN’s website that says ‘Marvel has a new Muslim Super Hero’…

If these were some other times like pre WTC attack or before Malala’s incident I would have gladly accepted that and would have been quite happy. You can call me anything you like but introducing a Marvel’s Muslim superhero in these times is somewhat suspicious.

Why Introducing a Muslim SuperHero Now?

On social media websites like twitter and even news forums a debate has erupted why a Muslim hero was announced now? Well, the staff at Marvel is saying they have hired a new comic book writer and she is Muslim. But that doesn’t sound much of an explanation.

Like all people are anxious, if they do not get the answers on time they make their own theories. Sometimes these theories are true while at other times they are not so true. And most are suspecting that a Muslim hero being introduced right now is clearly being done to make a soft image in minds of conservative Muslims around the world. If you are a follower of drone strikes and American wars across globe than you can imagine what the American image in Muslim world is.

Is Marvel Cashing Malala as Kamala?

We all know Malala and her story… so let’s jump the facts. Another presumption that is prevailing among people is the resemblance in names (Malala & Kamala). Yes, you got me right; they are thinking it has something to do with Malalaphobia.

But another factor that is not being tallied by many people is, Is Marvel cashing Malala’s name to make this new superhero successful. Marvel staff themselves said new superheroes are quite hard to digest by the old fans.

Kamala Khan – A dark Khan? Seriously!

Oh and yes, have you guys forgotten Shahrukh Khan, Imran Khan, Genghis Khan, Khan Academy or the wrath of Khan? Last time I checked, they all had fair complexion. So, what is Marvel trying to do here by portraying a ‘Khan’ with dark complexion? Now, now, people should not blame me for being conservative but I do not think Khans themselves will like this factor.

Method to infiltrate Traditional Muslim families

Finally, Kamala, khan or no khan is portrayed as a Muslim girl. This in itself is big news and many Muslim children from across the globe will be eager to watch Kamala on screens. But, come to think of it again, it looks more of a western strategy to infiltrate traditional Muslim families, peak in to their lives and grab a soft corner in their hearts. Well, if that is the case than portraying a Muslim girl like “Her mom is paranoid that she’s going to touch a boy and get pregnant.” – Nytimes is going to fail. There are two reasons for this, number one, conservative Mom’s mainly in Pakistan do not think like that for their daughters, either if they do they don’t show it so openly. Number two, Muslim women are not conservative. They either are Muslim or not so Muslim. So, using Marvel’s ‘Muslim’ superhero type words looks in itself a hype to lure the herd.

So much for the blabbing, whatever the plan is behind this new development only time will tell.


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