No sense in banning Geo just because of that ‘program’

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There has been an incident in ‘Utho jago Pakistan’ – a program on geo – where manqabat were played in a marriage ceremony of Veena malik. The incident came on air and left. But it created a media hype after Mubashir Luqman showed it in his own show and said that the program was blasphemous, it disrespected the religious values.

Now, before we are influenced by the opinion of one channel or another. It is better to double check the facts and what actually happened that stirred this controversy.

Thanks to social media now, every individual can conclude whether a program is a controversy or hype.

Therefore, these manqabat were played in ‘utho jago pakistan’ program on May 14. The qawali ‘Ali ke sath hai zehra ki shaadi’ is being played while Veena malik is sitting with her husband on a bench.

Shameful act of Geo hurts religious sentiments by arynews

In between the song, Shaista lodhi, the host of the program accidentally flashes shoes in air. ‘Accidentally’ is being said here because as per the video it does not look like she is disrespecting the religion, but is showing the shoes to the public (through the camera).

The part can also be seen in above video at 2:34
The part can also be seen in above video at 2:34

Now, this is what Luqman says about the program.

Picture taken from the first video. It can also be seen in video at 00:04
Picture taken from the first video. It can also be seen in video at 00:04

Later on 15 May, Shaista lodhi apologized on Geo channel on behalf of the team and the channel.

Dr Shaista Lodhi Apology -15 May 2014 by GeoNews

It’s not just Geo:

Now Islam says it is better to forgive someone rather than taking revenge.

However, before we forgive or even take revenge let’s check what others program were airing from some time.

Check this video of the same manqabat played in another program. Surprisingly, this program is none other than ARY.

ARY Ne Bhi Hazrat Ali Aur Hazrat Fatema Ki Shan… by UNewsTv

Here we have a bizarre show of another host.

Check this video by Maya Khan (running behind dating couples). Skip this one to 2:30.

Well, if you have not see enough, its better to place cherry on top.

This one is ‘subha ki fiza’ on Aplus.

Mathira wearing vulgar dress in Morning Show… by f1349376990

Another show on Ary Tv, this one is an Eid special show on Ary TV.

Mathira Crossing her Limits of Vulgarity in EID… by PakistanTV

Now coming back to the allegedly ‘blasphemous’ content on Geo TV that stirred the controversy, even if Geo Tv stirred the controversy. Is geo the only one that has been generating such type of content? NO!

First, this type of content is not blasphemous because the intention is not of such kind. Secondly, if people think it was, than why not ban all TV channels, all are producing this type of content.

If not all, than at least those that showed indecent programs on TV?

On a second thought, instead of banning what we need are some clear checks that can monitor the development of programs and their generation to public. After all, we are one of those nations that feel pleasure in alleging blasphemy on 14 years old and can’t do anything about those that are involved behind the veil.

Last but not the least, remember, “Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian” (Al-Hijr)

Disclaimer: I am not a fan of Geo nor of Luqman but I do have my reasoning sense still intact.



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