NSA surveillance: Can’t stop it, make it hard

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In a recent development of National Security Agency NSA surveillance program, it has been found through Washington post that the Espionage agency of USA is tracking phone calls of every country. Though, the USA itself calls it a defensive factor but for other 201 countries this is a pain in the butt.

Photo: openclipart.org
Photo: openclipart.org

Here, I have collected some of the methods that can help people avoid NSA phone recording because countries themselves can’t do that as their methods are too outdated against NSA MYSTIC program.

No digital communication is secure

First of all you should know that NSA surveillance program can record everything that you use digitally. That is, Telephone, internet, mobile phone, chatting, texting, viber, whatsapp, skype, facebook and any other service that is left. Because, Internet itself is governed by Google, whose data is within reach of NSA. Skype is under Microsoft control so it is also within reach of NSA, same goes for all other services.

Keep off wifi

A few months back their was a development that tells that mobile phone companies know our location at all times. And through our location they can make a perception of our past and future life. That is, if a person goes to gym daily with his phone and on way back he stops at a shop to drink milkshake. Then through his phones meta data a graph is formed that will tell the phone company his daily routine. This goes on for all days. So, if you want to avoid phone companies avoid using wifi when not in need.

Text message encryption

For Android:

Text Secure:

Text secure is an android application by whisper systems that allows users to make end to end encryption for safe communication. But for the encryption purpose both the users need to have this application other wise it will not serve the purpose. The application is fast, secure and has the ability to allow group chats.

For Iphone


For iphone users there is an end to end encryption system for text messages called babel. The application allows users to encrypt and decrypt messages. The sniffing party in this case only see a hyperlink that leads them nowhere. While the end users can receive messages and decrypt them to read.

Call encryption

For android


Red phone is another android application that allows users to have secure communication. It also uses end to end encryption so users who need  secure communication need to install red phone application on both ends otherwise the phone communication will be normal.

For Iphone

Silent Phone:

Silent phone is an end to end encryption for iphone devices. The application provides AES 256 bit standard security encryption to its subscribers. A plus point to this application is that it provides voice as well as video encryption facility to its users.

 The end purpose of these applications is that we cannot stop NSA surveillance program from recording our data. But what we can do is to mess their data up so that they find it hard to organize information that concerns us.



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