Poor us – Animated documentary to understand poverty

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How do we define poverty? Have you felt it? No. Have you seen it? Yes.

Poverty is not something that you can define easily. It can be said that poverty is not just having less income; it is much more than that. Poverty is, when you cannot take your child to hospital, even when your child needs to be urgently operated for kidney problem. Poverty is when your small daughter asks you to take her to Mc donalds, instead you bring in food from a ‘bun kebab wala’ who has a shop right at the corner of your house. Poverty is, when a child living in Thar asks her thirsty mother for water and she, instead of drinking the water herself gives her part of the water to her son as well.

Pakistan is a country of around 200 million people. Just like every country has its own dynamics and definition for different entities. Poverty in Pakistan has its own definition and dynamics. As a rare example, In Pakistan mobile phones are available in much cheaper rates as compared to 20 kg of floor.

Check out this video to understand Poverty. How to solve poverty problems in the world?




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