Ranking: Best songs from major political parties in Pakistan

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Pakistan is a nation where every new party that wants to come to power shouts the slogan for change. In 70s it was PPP shouting roti kapra and makaan than in 80s it was MQM shouting ‘rights for mahajirs’.

Now in previous elections it was PTI and PMLN shouting naya Pakistan and Roshan pakistan.

Though they did get a lot of coverage due to these slogans but the most important thing that played the major role was the use of Revolutionary (Inqilabi) songs in the politcial movements.

Just like other countries patriotic songs have a place for themselves in the politics of Pakistan.

Lets take a look at some of the best songs by Political Parties of Pakistan (Political party songs).

1. PTI political song:

Though the folks at PTI have written tons of songs to give a major boost to their political movement but some of the best songs are these.

4. PMLN political song

Whatever the labels are on PMLN but their songs are praiseworthy.

2. MQM political song:

MQM is an old party but PTI songs have left all political parties behind.

3. PPP political song

5. Jamaat e Islami political song

These are the major political players in Pakistani politics. If we have missed some do remind us.

Why political song do you like the most?


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