The three layers of Internet

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Deep web/dark web/dark net/hidden web all are the names for just one network that is larger than this medium that we currently know as the internet and is governed by governments of different countries, pretty easier to maintain and has a lot of information to share.

Though, dark net (I will use dark net word) has much more to share. From killers for hire to hackers for hacking and drugs – which i think is just the start – dark web has a lot more.

Here is an illustration of how dark net usually works:

Taken from

On top of the dark net is the usual internet that most of the users know about. I will call it


Because it is the network we use to get connected to eachother share information and much more. All websites like twitter, youtube, facebook are shared on this one.

Onion network:

Beneath it is the intranet. I called it Intranet because only a few users of the internet know about this dark side of the internet. They use it to share their own information and whatever task they want.

A good list of Onion websites can be sought through ‘Hidden wiki’.


The third layer also called the deep web is the protected network. This internet is also governed by onion websites of private Ip addresses though the different between the two is that this one is PASSWORD PROTECTED.

Now this internet can hold anything from databases to terrorist networks, military networks and government secret information that they do not want to share. It is a lot harder to crack the passwords and not many even try because this information is NONE OF THEIR CONCERN.


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