Third year of ban: Still can’t access youtube?

Well according to our right to information provided to us by United Nations. Every citizen of Pakistan has the right to access any website that he wishes. Now, why youtube was banned? Well we cant answer that except that we know it was banned due to some blasphemous video.

Youtube doesn’t agree to Pakistani authorities:

Later youtube did not remove it as it said that the video was not against its policies. Now there are two different things on one side many Pakistanis cant access youtube and ask how to open youtube in pakistan on other of the tutorials and many entertainment videos are available only on that site. Dailymotion has not that much stuff like youtube. On the other hand youtube is not budging.
Its the third year of ban. Youtube is not removing the video…

Still want to unblock youtube in Pakistan?

Now as responsible citizens its our duty not to watch youtube in Pakistan but those who have urgent business on youtube and can’t wait like they need some stuff but its only available on youtube they should access youtube by going through TOR or a proxy.

Proxies are slow:

However proxies are very slow we have tried a dozen proxies most do not open overall youtube videos and show error messages others are slow.

TOR is a secret browser:

So people can use TOR. Tor is a software that can be used to browse web anonymously. Another right given to us by United nations the right to protect our private information.

So to open youtube in Pakistan through tor you need to first download tor. Than set it up and download flash.

After doing that just open the preferences section and click plugins. Make flash always unable.

Now access youtube. But only do it if it is very necessary!

Happy browsing

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