This is what I thought about Pakistan army and terrorists afterwatching WAAR

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Yesterday Waar a well-known Pakistani film was put on air.

The film is directed by Bilal Lashari and produced by ARY films, written and produced by hassan Waqas.

Leads were: Shaan, Shamoon Abbasi, Hamza Abbasi, Ali Azmat.

back to the topic,

Pakistan army do not petrol the borders of Pakistan to Afghanistan

Proof: In the film, Shamoon was shown as a terrorist who came from Afghanistan side and entered into the Pakistani side without being noticed.

Pakistani Retd. Major is capable of conducting special operations solely if his family is killed

Proof: Shaan was shown as a well aware retd major who was capable of everything. In one blink he was in his room in second, he was in the parliament. Yeah but he could only do all that if his family was killed by terrorists.

Militants threat Pakistan army soldiers in English

Proof: Militants and armed forces exchange word in English not in Urdu even if they are mad.

Load shedding also happens at Pakistani political elites residences

Proof: Loadshedding is a norm at top political leadership. Yes, they do have a second hand generator that is turned on manually because Ijaz khan was killed in such an instance.

4 minutes are not enough to escape from a bomb planted in a truck in a barren land

Proof: Four minutes are not enough to save your life. In addition, satellite phones do not make you a suspicious caller to an FIA intelligence officer.

Pakistan ATF is better than SSGs

Proof: An special op which should have been conducted by army was conducted by MOI in KP.

Terrorists are confused beings they kill their own as well as ours

Proof: Shamoon was killing his people as well as ours. He was a militant. Yes, they are confused.

Leaders can only make their wish come true if they are killed by a terrorist

Proof: The dam was made!



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