Top five conspiracies of last 20 years that will never unfold

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We live in a democratic world. Democratic world is a world where people are govern by the people from the people.

But even with living in a democratic world there are some matters that are not so democratic what we mean by democratic is that they’re not made public at all nor have their insights or reports ever made public.

We have combined a list of all 5 top conspiracies the world is lull about. Check them below:

Lady Dianna’s death:

The first one is of Diana. Death or murder of Princess Diana still remains a question.

On 30 august 1997, Diana left Sardinia and arrived in Paris to meet Dodi al Fayd her boyfriend. The security manager of the hotel in which they were staying Henri Paul was instructed to drive them to an apartment. They were the rear passengers.

This is taken from wikipedia.  (Death of Diana) The investigation said the driver was drunk

“After leaving the rue Cambon and crossing the Place de la Concorde they drove along Cours la Reine and Cours Albert 1er (the embankment road along the right bank of the River Seine) into the Place de l’Alma underpass.[13] At around 12:23 am at the entrance to the tunnel Paul lost control; the car swerved to the left of the two-lane carriageway before colliding head-on with the 13th pillar supporting the roof at an estimated speed of 105 km/h (65 mph).[14] It then spun and hit the stonewall of the tunnel backwards, finally coming to a stop. The impact caused substantial damage, particularly to the front half of the vehicle. There was (and still is) no guard rail between the pillars to prevent this. The Place de l’Alma underpass is the only one on that embankment road that has roof-supporting pillars.:”

Investigation revealed that the driver was intoxicated and lost control.

However, a surprising turn of events take place from a letter in which it is written by Diana that her husband is planning to kill her by tempering with the brakes of her car…

Also Richard Tomlinson a british MI6 agent also revealed that he read a report about Dianna’s death. He said that it was conspired by MI6 because she was getting close to Egyptian Dodi.

He was jailed for that purpose though he revealed in his book The big Breach he says that another white car that was revealed by French investigators might be the MI6 vehicle that was never traced and it blinded Henri by flood lights.

He also said that Henri was an MI6 agent who was involved in many deals of the agency.

But what is the real truth about this Diana conspiracy? No one might ever know and those who know will never leak it!


This is one such conspiracy plan that has changed the world. The world that was changed for the best for westerners and worst for Muslims.

On 11 September 2001, two planes coming from opposite sides crashed in to twin towers. The building collapsed and around 3000 people died. This is what we all know.

Then there was a crash at Pentagon and another one at a field in Shanksville.

Now a dozen questions take place like,

Why small demolition explosions are seen in the video of the World trade center?

Where are the passengers of flight 93 and many more world trade center theories need to be debunked.

 Iraq Nuclear weapons and Iraq war

Then to avenge the killings of those 3000 people and the destruction of World trade center. USA waged the war against Iraq. It said that Iraq possessed WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction). It killed 5 lac people as Huffingtonpost puts it.

Again some questions…

Where were the WMDs?

Why so many people were killed when the threat was not even neutralized?

Mumbai attack 2008:

Another conspiracy that is said to be hatched by RSS… take a look

A group of armed men, on 26 november 2008, alleged by indian authorities and some Pakistani authorities, were 24 to 26 and were Pakistanis attacked four different location in Mumbai. The most prominent location was the taj mehal hotel. They conducted the attack for four days before the National security guards of India overpowered them killed all except Ajmal Kasab.

Now in July 13, a CBI officer has said that the Mumbai attack was staged with the intent to strengthen counter terror policy.

After the revelation, he was deputed to the post of principal police training in Junagadh.

Osama bin laden mansion in Abbottabad:

This is the last nail in the coffin. The last nail that showed that Pakistan was a failed state and its intel was a lot weaker than the media propagated.

We all know that Osama was living in a compund near PMA Kakul for about 5 years before he was targeted on May 2, 2011. Now a surprising thing is that Pakistan army, media and agencies were sleeping when the operation took place.

However the reality is a bit different. They were all awake and new about it. This is depicted in a movie zero dark thirty in which American government works closely with Pakistani government. And makes this matter look like that the operation ended pretty soon and Pakistan was not able to reply.

It is said that an airforce officer of Pakistan told a news channel that the military planes had traced the helicopters but the they were not allowed to target them.

Moreover, the security forces of Pakistan had already reached the spot, as the scenario was a 45-minute episode. They did not intercept just because higher authorities did not allow them.

Well the theory is that Pakistani public believes the govt knew about it but the govt deny it. The compound was later destroyed by Pakistani authorities.

But somehow the whole propaganda by western media is not digestable. First of all, why was Osama’s body drowned? Why was it now shown to the world when USA had killed Osama? Wasn’t it better to show it to the world that the terrorists will be dealt with like this.

This brings people to question the authority like, was Osama really living in Pakistan or was it a hoax by USA to save its ass and blame Pakistan as it was losing the Afghan war?

The real truth about these cases will never be revealed.

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