Why Spy Agencies will Prefer Lone Agents in Future?

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Spy vs Sci 567In the previous years the films related to spy life showed a team of agents that used to work on a covert project together. One of them considered the most important were IT experts also known as Hackers and the others were Field Agents – the real heroes.

However, due to technological advancement that will be changing in the coming years. Now, Spy agencies are thinking more of the ‘jack of all trade’ sort of agents. Like those reporters who covered the wars in Iraq and Iran also known as Embedded Journalists.

Why Jack of all trades?

Intelligence agents today work in groups but due to modern technology only one agent will be able to do all types of tasks in the future. He will be able to trace someone, navigate and track, get intelligence through direct or indirect methods all by himself.

Training is More Specialized:

Now days, IT is emerging as a life changing entity. Now a good IT specialist with command over his coding can get access to much sensitive information. However at the same time counter efforts are also getting astoundingly well and that’s why a new concept of social engineering is in place. Intelligent agents will need to be trained in social engineering and Information technology at the same time to get the most out of people and increase the flow of intelligence.

Highly Equipped training of Intelligence Agents and the lone wolf attitude will lead to…

Higher Stealth:

Most operations get blown up because more people are working in an operation and one of them makes some kind of mistake. Lone wolf sort of working will minimize that and direct the flow of intelligence at a faster pace.

Less Vulnerability:

In most cases operations also get blown up because one or another agent’s cover gets blown up or he is captured by the enemy. With lone agent mission strategy vulnerability will be less.

Lower Chances of Mistake:

More members on the deck mean more chances of mistake. Lone agent on the deck means less chances of mistake. However the above said points also lead to other problems. Like…

More Dependency on Lone Agent:

Spy agencies will have to be dependent on their lone agent that is placed in the field.

No Ground Help and Greater Danger:

Obviously, the Lone agent will not expect any ground help if his cover gets blown so there is more risk involved in missions.

In short, Lone agent strategy will benefit the spy agencies because of specialized covert operations however it will also bring new dangers and risks for the fellow agents.


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