Why You Need to Become an Entrepreneur Today to Save Your Tomorrow?

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Dollar symbolNext Week is going to be the International Entrepreneurial week. The week is going to hold conferences and highlight the achievements of young entrepreneurs from around the globe. I think it is the right time to write this article.

We think of entrepreneurship as self employment, risk taking and successful life. In Pakistan we specify entrepreneurs as “Seth sahib”. However, if you think about it, you will actually be securing your future if you become an entrepreneur.

Pakistan was currently rated as the 132th prosperous country from a list of 200 countries around the world. Here, Entrepreneurship level is very low and people are scared to start their businesses or explore new business ventures.

But if we think of the long term, Entrepreneurship is going to be the future of business. That is why this article focuses on you to become an entrepreneur  mainly because of the reasons that are listed below:

Its Specialized Era:

All around the globe development is taking place at a rapid pace even in Asian and African countries. Day in day out we see smart phones popping up in the hands of majority of people in big and small cities of Pakistan.

Now I am going to map out the jobs that were cut due to the mobile phone service. People make calls using their mobile phones – telephone booths are rarely found anywhere. People outside Pakistan are using mobile phones to buy the food basket products. In Pakistan this trend is not much seen today but in the future it will be. This means our services will not bee needed for mechanical work.

Robots will replace Mechanical Human Jobs:

In the near future we will be using robots to drive us around, robots as laborers and robots as shop keepers, robots as anything you can think of (think mechanical work). This will cut short the human jobs by 75% but at the same time new business ventures will open up for people. Those who employ these business ventures today will lead there specific industries tomorrow.
Israeli Police public safety bomb disposal robot P1080948

Hiring Employees Costs More than Freelancing:

Private companies in Pakistan are focusing to make more profit. They always have done that but with the new ideas and freelancers in place they are acquiring services of freelancers for their projects and cutting permanent employees.

This is bad for the regular employees but at the same time it is leading the regular employees to set their own start ups.

Future of Entrepreneurship:

In the future, entrepreneurs will be categorized in to intrapreneurs, acqui-hires. Both of these are still in place and intraprenuers are often hired by different companies in Pakistan and abroad on contractual basis (remember Raymond Davis).

So as you can see why you need to start your own business today to save your tomorrow. Become an entrepreneur, start exploring new business ventures and start taking risks.


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