Latest Zong 3G, 4G Internet Packages 2018

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All you can found about the Latest Zong 3G, 4G Internet Packages 2018 is provided here with details.

As you already know that Zong is one of the best Telecom operators in Pakistan that provides high-speed 2G, 3G and 4G internet services to the users. Zong also offers super-speed 4G/LTE internet package – a service that is not offered by any other network provider in Pakistan.

It has around 26 million users in Pakistan alone. Zong shares in Pakistan telecom industry is 20%.

Latest Zong 4G Internet Packages 2018:

We have tried to provide all the details about the latest Zong internet packages. There are three packages available by Zong including Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Let’s see all in detail:

Zong Daily Internet Package

It is a daily bundle with regular prices of internet ranging from 15 PKR to 35 PKR.

Here are the details.

Bundle  Price  Volume  Validity
 Daily Basic   Rs. 15   100MB   1 Day
Daily Data Max  Rs. 35  500MB   1 Day


The service can be activated by calling *6464#

Zong Weekly Internet Package

Next we have the weekly internet package service by Zong. It is great for anyone who wants to get weekly internet package. This is the lowest priced and usually ranges from 70 PKR to 100 PKR.

Bundle  Price  Volume  Validity
 Weekly  Rs. 70  700MB  7 Days
 Super Weekly  Rs. 100  2GB  7 Days

The service can be activated by calling *6464#

Zong Monthly Internet Package

Next we have the monthly internet package. If you want internet for long-term then going with the monthly internet package is the best thing for you. You will get everything including facebook, whatsapp, and multiple other social websites access for free.

Bundle  Price  Volume  Validity
 Monthly Mini 150 Rs. 50 150MB 30 Days
Monthly Basic 500 Rs. 150 500MB 30 Days
Monthly Premium 2GB Rs. 300 2GB 30 Days
Monthly Premium 6GB Rs. 600 6GB + free nights (1GB FUP) 30 Days
Monthly Premium 10GB Rs. 1,800 10GB  30 Days

The service can be activated by calling *6464#


How To Check Data Usage?

You can check the data usage of your package by dialing*102# to check the remaining data.

The only problem you might face with Zong is that that some of the packages of Zong have low bandwidth. Sot that might be a problem for users who want more bandwidth.

Apart from that Zong is a great telecommunication service provider.

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