Should you go solar in Karachi?

As with solar alone you will need a large battery pack because no sunlight is available at night. However, with wind power as a complement it will be beneficial as its the most windy at night.

Drones are good, Weddings are evil

Suppose… Its your wedding day. You go to a dresser, get ready and are all set to attend your wedding. You reach the place (before everyone else) and stay in the room reserved for the groom. Now, anytime your (to be) wife will come and you will sign your Nikkah nama. After some time, people […]

Poor us – Animated documentary to understand poverty

How do we define poverty? Have you felt it? No. Have you seen it? Yes. Poverty is not something that you can define easily. It can be said that poverty is not just having less income; it is much more than that. Poverty is, when you cannot take your child to hospital, even when your […]