Big Data – The Next Big Thing!

The term Big data is becoming a hype as the promotion of the term increases on the internet. Basically, big data accumulation is formed on three V’s. These include handling large volume of varying data with high speed velocity. The big data system is being made by different companies who will be able to manage …

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Why Microsoft wants to buy Nokia?

On Monday, September 2, 2013, Microsoft announced it is going to buy Nokia for 7.2 billion dollars. The news came as a surprise to many economists and technologist. As until Monday they were thinking Microsoft is trying to get hold of the software business. But as Microsoft it self states – as Microsoft explains: “Success …

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7 ways to Get Traffic to your Website or Blog

After writing their first blog post many people ask how they can get more traffic to their blogs or websites. The answer is easy and is simple if practically tried. However, people in this world do not really know what online traffic really is? Therefore, I will first tell all my readers about online traffic.

7 Tips on What to Blog About?

Many new bloggers including my small brother often ask what they should blog about. Because whatever they think to blog, is already explained on the internet. They think that their blog will not be able to get attention because the post is already covered by someone and is covered in a much better way. And …

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