Survive Politics in a University (A Freshman Guide)

politics in universityHave you heard of the expression ‘survival of the fittest’? This biological expression also appeals, when it comes to Government Universities in Pakistan. I am not stating it because people in Universities are obese or do not follow a diet routine. My concern is that the universities, which were once a place for scholars, are turning to a den for student political organizations.

Whether you are in University of Karachi or University of Punjab you have to face the student political organizations on a daily basis and believe me if you are not familiar with their ways or are not from one of them then, at times, you have to face some consequences which are not good for the appetite.

The most vulnerable ones for these student political organizations are the freshman as seniors already have joined them or know their ways.

So, how can you avoid them in the first place? And, How can you survive politics in University?

Ignore But Do not Express:

When you are enrolled as a freshman in one of the Government Universities, after your orientation you will be subjected to hear the manifestos of the political parties active in your department. Do not worry, that is how the democracy works here. Just hear them out but do not try to be a tough guy while they are in the room. This is one of the obvious method to survive politics in a university.

Obey If Needed:

Some of the times, you will be indirectly threatened in relation with a particular cause. Like workers might come to you and will ask you to leave a premise. A wise option here is to do what they ask you to do. If you oppose, not only you are enlisted on the hit list but may end up losing a tooth or two.

Avoiding is the Best Policy:

Some times its fate but other times it is our own fault. I mean to say here, if you do not avoid them in the first place and befriend them, that is just fine. However, that makes you a prey for the opposing party.

Do not Ask, Will not regret:

Most students become an easy target for the political parties just because they had asked for their help during admission process or fee submissions. Yes, indeed political parties help a ton with this kind of stuff. Nevertheless, what is the need when administration is in reach?

Act Tough When Needed, But Be Sensible:

Niccolo Machiavelli once said in his book The Prince, ‘A man should be like a loin and a fox’. He said it at that time for the Officials but today, it applies to all of us. For University goers, it is good to act tough when circumstances arrive however, one should not lose his brains. In few places acting Tough will save you, while in most places your brain will.

I cannot say that if you follow these rules you will survive politics in a university. However, I can say that if you use your brain you will surely survive politics in a university. Political parties are truly playing havoc in recent times but their sole foundations are something that deserves respect. If you respect them for that, it is conceivable they will respect you.

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