How to Cope with Cyber Bullying? 10 Step Guide to Prevent Cyber Bullying


In today’s news on CNN it was stated in a cyber bullying case that a girl of 12 years committed suicide because she was cyber bullied by another 12 year and a 14 year girl.

Cyber bullying is not a new phenomenon; it is just a technological form of bullying. However, bullying is done physically, while cyber bullying  involves hurting a person mentally. I remember, when i was small and used to use orkut there were tons of bullies on communities that had only one intention and that was to harass small people. Luckily i had understood the trade very well and due to my scope of studies involved psychological behavior so i was pretty much careful and tough for the bullies.

Nevertheless, most of the children are not immune; they can’t cope up with or prevent cyber bullying and hence end up doing something dangerous with themselves. However, what is the outcome of such actions, more pain for the families of those children who were bullied and no punishment for bullies!

In the recent years, laws are being discussed that can be made regarding cyber bullying, identity theft and more… However, in areas like Pakistan, they are still things of the future.

But children can be educated and made aware to cope up from such situations. And i am going to tell just how they can do that by some cyber bullying tips.

How To Prevent Cyber Bullying?

1. Never share personal information:

Have you heard the term ‘stealth is a weapon for ninja’. Well, it is the same case on the World Wide Web. Children are only immune to such vulnerabilities till they do not share personal information. In addition, it is the duty of their parents to make them not to share anything. The more personal information you share on social media websites the more are the chances of being cyber bullied.

2. Ignoring is the best option:

If in case you are started to be bullied on any forum website or on social media websites you can always ignore the bully. Remember you only get yourself dirty when you jump in a mud pond. so, it’s better to keep away.

3. Complain the webmaster:

You cannot complain to webmasters directly on social media websites and action on those sites is difficult but you can complain to admins and moderators of community pages and groups. While, on forums and websites you can directly complain to the webmaster by their contact us form or the email provided.

4. Report them:

On Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and many other social media websites you can also report the bully directly to the authorities. But sometimes complaining alone doesn’t solve the problem. So, read below to make your cyber bullying case stronger.

6: Save all the evidence:

The words bully call you, the statements allegedly said to you that can hurt you mentally will be accounted as evidence. You need to keep a copy of that by either taking a print on hard copy or just saving them in file by pressing print screen.

These can later be sent that cyber bullying evidence with the email to webmaster or to the concerned authorities when you press report us button.

7. Tell parents, elders, guardians:

Remember no one can hurt you unless you want to get hurt yourself. So, be strong and take the matter in your hands. Tell your elders about cyber bullying harassment. You can also tell your teachers or your guardians and they will decide what is the best way to cope up from such situation.

8. Tell the law enforcers:

In most cases, the matter does not get this far. But if it does… Law enforcement agencies have already made government websites that help in such situations and also aid in preventing cyber bullying. In Pakistan the website is for other countries you can search Google or ask me in comments. These authorities will take the legal action against that person and contact their ISPs.

9. Contact the ISP of the bully:

You can also contact the ISP of the bully directly. ISP provides internet service to individual and companies. If the person that is harassing you on internet does not stop from his behavior, you can also contact his ISP provider. See if you can find his IP somehow. You will have to search Google depending on the forum or website that he is using to harass you. Moreover, you can then contact his service provider and show him the cyber bullying information and evidence that you already have collected.

10. Keep your mouth shut during all this time:

Never tell your enemy how you are going to react. So, while you are complaining to authorities, reporting the abuser, telling parents or just ignoring the cyber bully, do not let him/her know what you are up to.

Internet is a jungle, stay alert!

These are some of the steps that can help to prevent cyber bullying.

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