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content writing businessOnline, we have many opportunities available to us. We can learn new things, can try new things and can give back to the community what we have learned. Some do it for free some charge some money for that. In both the cases good is being done to the community.

These days, people are also starting new business ventures online. Some of these business ventures are easy to start like the one I am describing below while others are a little hard like setting up e-commerce websites or innovating a traditional way of doing some stuff like Kick starter project.

Content Writing Business is easy to start, as it does not need technical knowledge. However, like every business need some skills Technical writing or Content Writing Business also needs a few skills to start with.

  1. Good Written Communication
  2. Improved grammar and Spellings
  3. Creative Mind
  4. Control on English writing
  5. Some initial investment

These skills will make an individual ready for Content Writing Business if proper protocol is followed.

Learn the Art of Writing

Well it is obvious but some often neglect it. Even on many blogs, that are published online, proper art of writing is not followed.

So read some good books. Classic literature will set you fourth with your ‘art of writing’ skill.

Invest on Your Profile:

People neglect to build up their profile. Remember in every business, a client wants some real proof to decide if the bidder has the needed potential in him. Start writing some articles just for the sake of making a proposal. You can host these articles on your Ezine Article account or if you have your own blog or a website than its much better. However, start with ezine articles because articles published on e-zine surely impress the clients.

Make a FreeLance Account:

Here comes the easy part, just make account on freelance websites. Freelance websites include Odesk, Elance, Freelancer and others. Just search for them on internet and remember google is your friend.

Moreover, get a paypal or a skrill account so that when you start getting projects you can transfer the money from your freelance account to your paypal/skrill account.

Build Your Reputation:

Okay so even after setting up an account on a freelance website you will not start to generate income. It will take time. You will have to gain attention of clients. This you will do with the help of ‘building reputation’ tools available on these freelance websites.

Yes, you need to give exams. Some exams are free others will charge some money. So remember to keep some initial investment with you.

Start Getting Projects:

Don’t get excited yet. You will only receive payment from your client after you get the job done. So, remember to give a decent deadline that you can achieve easily. Negotiate on the terms and keep your head high. Follow your own rules that you make and do not divert from them.

Content Writing Business Scam on Freelance Websites:

It happens that many clients will get their work from you and will not pay you. However, it happens because of our own fault. The reason is that we ask our clients to pay us money not from the freelance website but from other sources like western union. The best way to avoid it is to use the freelance website as an arbitrator. When you do that, freelance website will hold the money of the client in its own account and will only pay you when you have done the job. Moreover, if client does not pay than you can also file a dispute against him.

Congrats, It is All Set up…

That is it folks, good luck with your content writing business. Remember to follow the instructions.

If you think some additions can be made to this article or some stuff is stated in correctly kindly tell it and it will be corrected.

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