‘Umar media’ Pakistan Taliban urdu website comes in Limelight

‘Official website of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan’ is the lead of the website named Umar Media that was officially launched on 24 Jan 2014.

The website was registered from Queensland on 24 nov 2013 through public domain registry as per whois.net website.

A screen grab of Umar media website. Photo: Wikipedia
A screen grab of Umar media website. Photo: Wikipedia

According to other media outlets, a news release by Taliban has said that the website will be the official source of information from the Taliban.

Right now, it is categorized with videos, news stories and legal pronouncements of religion and picture stories from the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan.

Moreover, the website offers chairperson message of the banned outfit and features a monthly magazine named Ihya e Khilafat.

It should be noted that Taliban is a banned outfit in Pakistan and government of the country is trying to negotiate a peace pact with it to avoid a military operation.



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