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iphone vs android PakistanOpen source mobile platforms and applications have made our day-to-day tasks a lot easier. May it be IPhone or Android platforms, both are considered great by diverse people. Of course, the market of android phones is far greater than iPhone because of its low price and installation in many phone systems.

Both the software’s have some remarkable mobile applications that are helping the public. However, if we talk about Pakistani society we are witnessing that most of the application developers are not developing any game changing applications for the Pakistani market. Most of the mobile applications that we use in Pakistan either are made for the western market or are not big game changer in our society. Here is a list of some mobile application ideas that can be useful in the Pakistani market.

Earthquake Mobile Application Idea:

Quake… Earthquakes do not knock on the door. Take Pakistan or any other country, all lack from the equipment that can detect earthquakes prior to their happening. Still Earthquake applications can help people a great deal. Red Cross has made an Earthquake mobile application that helps people around the world. It tells about how people should react before, during and after the earthquake.

This kind of application is very much needed in Pakistan. In addition, it will be a good idea if Rescue 1122 or any welfare organization like Edhi or Chippa can work on IT platforms to educate the people and inform them when an earthquake happens. Of course, the Earthquake mobile application by Red Cross is fine too. However, it mainly focuses on the American region.

Bus Routes Mobile Application Idea:

A stranger in Pakistani cities desperately needs information on how he can move back and forth with in the city and from one city to another. Bus routes mobile applications can help him a great deal. Sadly, no mobile application development company with in Pakistan has started working on this platform. The bus routes mobile application is not a difficult task and if one is serious about it, he can make it with minimal efforts required only data and google maps API are needed for its development.

Traffic Jam Mobile Application Idea:

Making traffic Jam mobile application in Pakistan is a hefty task. Either developers will need many reporters who can tell them about the traffic jams in different places or they will need some king of technology that can detect the traffic and inform about it. This kind of mobile application is still being used in Europe and it will be a great idea if we can check the traffic on roads in Pakistan just by tapping in to one mobile application. Traffic Police in Karachi recently announced that it would be making a mobile application that can tell traffic details in different areas but there is no news of the length of time it will take to be completed and if completed, will it be able to serve the purpose.

Crime Locator Mobile Application Idea:

Another mobile application that will be most useful in Pakistan is the crime locator mobile application. This mobile application will work in the same way as Tribune’s static crime map works. The crime locator mobile application will tell the exact detail of the crime, its location and timings. If law enforcers use it and focus on the consistency of crime locations in different areas, they can make out patterns and stop future crimes. The crime locations in the mobile application can be added through CCTV cameras in different areas or through user feedback.

Places Near Us Mobile Application idea:

Most of the android and IPhone users know aroundme mobile application that can tell about the schools, cafés and local shops in an area. However, that mobile application does not tell about most of the places in Pakistan, as they do not appear on google map. A good mobile application that will work in local market is a copy of aroundme mobile application but with value additions. If implemented, this kind of mobile application will be able to inform people about the nearest mechanic shop or their local clinic and its timings. It will be most beneficial for those people who are stuck in a quiet place at night with a flat tire. This mobile application will be able to help them locate the nearest tire shop its distance and its contact and timing details.

These are some mobile application ideas that can make lives easier and comfortable for the citizens living in Pakistan. Still, one-question remains, Who will develop these mobile applications ideas for the local market? Only time will tell…

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