7 Tips on What to Blog About?

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Many new bloggers including my small brother often ask what they should blog about. Because whatever they think to blog, is already explained on the internet. They think that their blog will not be able to get attention because the post is already covered by someone and is covered in a much better way. And they lack the blogging ideas.

That is the point of blogging… and that is what they are missing.

Let me give you an example, Do you watch Tv? Have you seen the 9 o clock news programs. Look at Cnn, or BBC or fox news or just take al jazeera channel. All these channels have anchors who are hosting their programs at the same time, that is 9 o clock. Why they all do that at the same time, when their topics are also same?

The answer is that, every person has his own style of explaining things. And most of the times these things are not understood when they are heard from a single source. It can also happen that the single source can miss some of the information that can be taken care of in the second program by another host (everyone has his own perspective).

Blog (1)
Blog what comes to your mind.

Just like that, all those topics that are already covered on internet may be missing a point or two that can be added in your blog and users can get it from your blog.

So, not only will the users visit your blog, but if the research of your blog is done in a better way than the previous blog… more users will start to visit your blog.

Here I have made some points that can help those bloggers who wonder ‘what should they write on their blogs?’ or simply are looking for new blogging ideas.

1. Decide a topic:

Remember, every topic can become hot, with the right value additions

Well, this one is the most obvious and most people who are reading it must have already decided their topic. But those who do not have… they should decide one topic like ‘blogging, technology, business’ and they can start writing on that niche.

2. Check out your daily routine and match your niche:

Is this your niche?

Is their something interesting in your daily routine that can be considered as the topic you can select? Like you just got a new I pad for your birthday and there are some new applications that your want to give a review. Your niche is technology, then you can add those reviews in your technology blog.

3. Add value to old posts:

It’s a bad practice that most bloggers after writing old posts just leave them be. They don’t try to edit them again. But in my opinion it is better to add old posts if there is some new information available to them, that can be added in the posts.

Journal Entry
Old is gold

4. Check your blogosphere for blogging ideas:

Okay let me first tell you, its bad practice to copy other blogs. However, you can get some good ideas when you start to read other blogs and browse them for details. There are so many blogs available in every niche that can give the blogger many ideas.

When you get hold of an idea think what will be the best topic that can be formulated on this idea.

I have an idea @ home
Blog can be written on any topic…

5. Read Newspaper – That’s the best place for all ideas:

Do you know that in every Sunday newspaper there are almost 0.5million words published?

Newspapers B&W (4)
Every word can form an article

All these words can be used separately as topics for thousands of articles. Newspapers have variety of information for all types of people and for all age groups. The information can help a person to learn more and at the sametime you can use these as tips for your next blog post. Like, I often get my blog posting ideas from newspapers.

6. Invest time in Writing exercise:

The Shape of Time
The more you write the more ideas will come to you…

I read somewhere that writing daily can help you get better in writing. So, just start writing for 10 minutes and read aloud what you have written. Your writing might be awkward without any intro or conclusion. That is the fun about it. This writing exercise is called freestyle writing.

7. Answer a Problem

Question mark
Think of addressing a solution

Do you think that all the world problems are solved? I guessed you would say that. Than what is a better idea to blog to answer a problem that you think can be answered. For example, you can tell how people in villages can use lights and generators. Alternatively, you can discuss the benefits of using laptops instead of computer systems. Because computer systems consume more power and laptops can save that power.


As you can see, there are so many topics that are not discovered and there are some topics that are only explained from one side. As everything has two sides, it’s better to explain both sides of the story.

Remember to research whatever you write and to write it with whole truth so others who come after us can understand it with the right mentality.

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