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Can We Claim Insurance for Car Dents in UAE?

Visa Dubai Can We Claim Insurance for Car Dents in UAE?

Car dents can be frustrating and costly to repair, especially if they are substantial. If you’re a car owner in the UAE, you may be wondering whether you can claim insurance for car dents. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of car insurance coverage for dents and provide you with valuable information about the claiming process in the UAE.

Understanding Car Insurance Coverage

Before we explore the specific details of claiming insurance for car dents, let’s first understand the typical coverage provided by car insurance policies in the UAE. Car insurance in the UAE generally offers two types of coverage:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: This type of insurance provides coverage for a wide range of incidents, including accidents, theft, vandalism, fire, and even natural disasters. It is the most extensive coverage available and usually covers car dents as well.
  2. Third-Party Liability Coverage: This type of insurance covers damages caused to third parties involved in an accident but does not typically cover damages to your own vehicle. Therefore, it may not be applicable for claiming insurance for car dents.

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Coverage for Car Dents

If you have comprehensive car insurance, you are likely covered for car dents. However, the specific coverage and claim process may vary depending on your insurance provider and policy. It’s crucial to review your insurance policy documents or consult with your insurance agent to understand the details of your coverage.

In most cases, car dents caused by accidents, collisions, or other covered incidents are eligible for insurance claims. However, it’s essential to note that some policies may have specific limitations or exclusions for certain types of damages. For instance, some policies may not cover cosmetic damages or dents that do not affect the vehicle’s functionality.

Claiming Insurance for Car Dents in UAE

Now that we know car dents are generally covered by comprehensive insurance policies, let’s dive into the process of claiming insurance for car dents in the UAE:

Step 1: Assess the Damage

The first step is to assess the extent of the dent. Minor dents can often be repaired using paintless dent removal techniques, while more significant dents may require conventional repair methods. Taking photographs of the damage can help document the condition of your vehicle for the insurance claim.

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Step 2: Notify Your Insurance Provider

Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible to inform them about the dent and initiate the claims process. They will guide you through the necessary steps and provide you with the required forms and documentation.

Step 3: Fill out the Claim Form

Fill out the claim form accurately and provide all the necessary details about the incident. Be sure to attach the photographs of the car dent to support your claim.

Step 4: Submit the Claim Form

Submit the completed claim form along with any other required documents, such as your driving license, car registration documents, and a copy of the police report (if applicable). Make sure to keep copies of all the submitted documents for your records.

Step 5: Evaluation and Approval

Once your claim is submitted, an insurance adjuster will assess the damage and estimate the repair costs. If the claim is approved, the insurance company will coordinate with authorized repair centers or provide you with a list of approved repair shops.

Step 6: Repair and Settlement

Take your vehicle to the authorized repair center or the approved repair shop and proceed with the necessary repairs. The insurance company may directly settle the repair costs with the repair center or reimburse you based on the terms of your policy.

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FAQs about Claiming Insurance for Car Dents in UAE

1. Can I claim insurance for car dents if I only have third-party liability coverage?

Generally, third-party liability coverage does not cover damages to your own vehicle, including car dents. To claim insurance for car dents, you typically need comprehensive car insurance.

2. Will my insurance premium increase if I claim for car dents?

Making a claim for car dents may affect your insurance premium upon renewal. However, the impact can vary depending on several factors, such as your insurance provider, policy terms, and your claims history.

3. Is there a deductible for car dent claims?

Many insurance policies have a deductible, which is the amount you need to pay out of pocket before the insurance coverage kicks in. Check your policy documents to understand the deductible amount, if applicable.

4. Can I choose my preferred repair shop for car dent repairs?

Some insurance companies provide a list of authorized repair centers or preferred workshops. It’s advisable to check with your insurance provider to see if you have the freedom to choose your preferred repair shop.

5. What if my car has multiple dents from different incidents? Can I claim them all?

If your car has multiple dents resulting from different incidents, you can usually claim insurance for all the eligible damages. However, it’s important to report each incident separately and follow the claims process accordingly.

6. Can I claim insurance for pre-existing car dents?

Car insurance typically covers damages caused by new incidents or accidents. Pre-existing car dents, scratches, or damages that occurred before the insurance coverage started are generally not eligible for insurance claims.


In the UAE, it is usually possible to claim insurance for car dents if you have comprehensive car insurance coverage. However, the specific terms and conditions may vary among insurance providers. To ensure a smooth claiming process, carefully review your policy documents, assess the damage, promptly notify your insurance provider, and follow the necessary steps outlined in this guide. Remember to document the incident with photographs and keep copies of all relevant documents. By following these steps, you can navigate the claiming process and have your car dents covered by insurance

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