How to Check Telenor Remaining Internet MBs on SmartPhone?

It is pretty easy to check remaining Internet bundle capacity on Telenor. You will just have to dial a code from your smartphone. The code for doing so is available below.

Telenor Internet Mbs Bundle Usage Check:

To see remaining Internet capacity on your smartphone:

Dial *999# Code

The prompt will show you how much internet mbs are still available on your Telenor package.

Charges for Checking Telenor Remaining Internet MBs

Telenor charges a small fees of Rs 0.20 for telling your about the remaining internet MBs.


Will it work for Telenor 3G and Telenor 4G Internet Usage?

Yes, the offer will work for Telenor 3G and Telenor 4G internet package usages as well. You can also use it to check how much monthly data is consumed on Telenor internet devices as well.

As per Telenor, the code *999# is to find out internet capacity on your postpaid and prepaid internet packages. You can find internet MBs that you have subscribed to, using this offer.

Stay up to date by knowing how much internet mbs are remaining on your Telenor bundle.

What is the limit for checking Internet Mbs on Telenor?

There is no limit. You can check your data usage as frequently as you like. But please note that you will be charged Rs 0.20 for every time you check it.

Codes for Balance Inquiry, SMS, Minutes and Internet MBs on Telenor

Subscription Type
Balance Inquiry Codes
Rs. 0.20 + Tax
*444# (Balance)
Rs. 0.20 + Tax
*111# (SMS)
Rs. 0.20 + Tax
*222# (Minutes)
Rs. 0.20 + Tax
*999# (Internet)

The above codes tells about how to find out SMS, Minutes, Internet MBs and Mobile Balance on Telenor Smartphones.


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