Telenor Free Internet Codes: How-to, Details, Activation

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Telenor free Internet Codes sometime work and sometime don’t. If you are new to these then here is a list of short codes that might work with Telenor.

About Telenor:

Telenor is a telecommunication provider in Pakistan. It provides cellular service for SMS, voice and mobile internet. The packages vary on prices and range. The lowest price for a Telenor internet and mobile package is rupee 1.

You can get 500mbs internet to 3gbs internet on Telenor. Enjoy with Telenor free internet codes that are provided below.

Details of Telenor free Internet codes:

There are a lot of Telenor internet free codes out there and not all of them work. Some of them may work if Telenor has not already closed the system.

The purpose of adding these is because users can at least enjoy free internet through this offer and that too only in rupees 50.

List of Telenor Free Internet codes:

Solution 1:

Tutorial to use Telenor 3G/4G Free Internet Codes in 2017:

  1. In your smartphone define a new Access point.
  2. Apn: Internet
  3. Proxy:
  4. Port: 80
  5. Go to on your smartphone browser
  6. It will redirect you to German-Proxy website.
  7. Now type in url bar and click browse.
  8. Telenor free net has started.

Solution 2:

Telenor Free Internet with HTTP Injector

Second method to get free internet on Telenor smartphones is by using a google play app that changes the internet settings through SSH. To get a SSH you will have to download another app.


First download http injector app for Telenor internet through play store

Now download the config file and save it in phone memory

After installing the app, open http injector app and agree to their terms and conditions.

Now click on the file button and import the config file you have downloaded to http injector

Click on file like Button near setting.Injector Setting telenor free

Now click on Import Button as shown below to import the Config file you have downloaded in step Http injector apk imports internet settings to your folder.

Go to the directory where you have saved the configfile and let Http injector import it to change the settings.

You will need SSH account in settings to use free internet on Telenor sims

Get Fast SSH android app or website and signup for an account. Get your IP and username and password.

Enter the SSH account’s details and start your app. You are now connected to the fasted Telenor free internet service.

Note: You may have to renew the SSH account every three days.

Solution 3: Free Telenor Internet Code

Another way to get free internet on your smartphone is by going to your mobile settings and typing:

  • mobioe networks 
  • Edit the apn and add the following proxy:
  • proxy
  • Add the port number as: Port 80
  • And add APN as: APN Telenor

Try this on your smartphone. This is an old trick to get free Telenor internet and it may not work now.

Solution 4: Telenor Free Internet with UC Handler Download:

  • Another way to get free internet on your smartphone is by UC Handler download. Download and install it
  • Now open it and in back query, add:
  • Save the settings and see if this Telenor free internet code helps you run internet.
  • You will have to use the german proxy “” with this method. Type the german proxy’s address in your url bar.

Telenor Free Internet Code for one week:

This is a new method and hopefully it will tell you how to get free internet code on Telenor.

  • Just Dial *345*477# to get the free offer from Telenor.
  • After dialing the Telenor free internet code you will receive a confirmation message that your internet has been activated.
  • To check you remaining internet mbs on Telenor simply dial *999#

Telenor Free Internet Code with Facebook Basics aka Facebook Flex:

Another way to get free internet on your Telenor sim is by using facebook flex.

The offer will automatically be activated on your Telenor sim. Telenor has joined Facebook in its mission to bring free internet to the world. This means most website will work free on your smartphone including facebook. But, there is a catch. That is, google will not work.

You will have to activate the Telenor 3g and 4g packages to get access to those websites.

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