BSNL Loan USSD Code – Talktime Code, SMS Details

We provide you a list of BSNL Credit/Loan USSD codes so you can easily take loan whenever you need. These codes are great for anyone who doesn’t have balance in his smartphone but would like to call someone. Before the start of this offer, people used to ask other people to lend them their smartphones so they could make calls to someone. But now they don’t have to do that because they can easily get credit/loan.

Here is how to get BSNL loan USSD code?

The emergency loan by BSNL is 10 rupees. You can make a call for five minutes with this much balance. The offer provides sufficient talk time to call any number you desire.

BSNL offers zero loan balance facility this means you can get the loan whenever you reach zero or under five rupees of balance. It will automatically warn you that your balance is too low and you have the option to take a loan.

What is Bsnl Number for Loan Credit?

Bsnl credit loan number is provided with *518# number for the call amount. The USSD code can be used at any time of the days. Simple dial the number and you can easily use it for gaining 10 rupees balance.

Bsnl Loan USSD Code

Bsnl loan USSD code is a service by the mobile network operation that offers 10 rupees of balance to the users who use the USSD code.

It is stored in the Bsnl Database and keeps a tracks of the users who use it. So that the balance can be retrieved back from the user later on.

Here is how to use BSNL Credit Loan USSD Code

Simply dial *518# from your smartphone to get a loan of 10 rupees.

Conditions for using BSNL Loan Code

  • The loan can only be available by BSNL users if they are on the network for more than 90 days
  • You can’t take loan if you have not returned the previous amount
  • You can’t take more than 10 rupees of BSNL credit/loan amount
  • The credit balance is automatically returned once the user loads balance in his mobile
  • The deducted amount is 10 rupees + 2 rupees taxes

Get BSNL Loan with SMS

Users can get the credit amount by dialing the above provided number. Or, they can dial the following code to get the loan amount through SMS.

“CREDIT” to 53738.

We hope that you have understood how to take BSNL loan from your mobile with this blogpost. If you are not sure how to get more balance. Simply, read the article or use the USSD code provided above and the balance will automatically be transferred to your mobile.

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