How to Fix Your Bent iPad?

Mobile application How to Fix Your Bent iPad?

Let’s learn about different options that you have available when it comes to fixing a bent iPad.

Options available to fix a bent iPad pro?

  1. Take it to an apple store
  2. Fix it by yourself, see below for home remedy
  3. Take it to a third-party repair shop
  4. Use it. You don’t have another option

Fixing Your Bent iPad? What are the options?

  • When you spend your hard-earned money on a new item, the last thing you want is to find out that it’s broken.
  • Unfortunately, this has recently happened to a few disgruntled Apple customers with specific iPads. They discovered that their gleaming new tablet had been bent shortly after purchase.
  • To make matters worse, some of the bent iPads were still within specifications. As a result, Apple would not replace them. That is why it is critical to follow this one important guideline in order to receive a free substitute.

Is it possible to consider bent iPad “in spec”?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Apple claims that certain iPad Pro cell models are made using a process known as co-trim. In a nutshell, it’s a high-temperature operation that can affect the gadget’s levelness.

However, the finished item must fulfill stringent specifications for evenness; if it does not, Apple will refuse to supply the tablet. It accounts for about 400 microns of variance throughout the length of any side, or 0.4 millimeters, which isn’t quite the thickness of four sheets of paper.

When it comes to how to fix a bent iPad, Apple explains, “Unpretentious aberrations in evenness may become more obvious only from specific review locations that are intangible during normal use, thanks to the new straight edges and the presence of the radio wire sections.” These little variances have no bearing on the walled-in area’s strength or capacity, and they will not vary over time with normal use.”

Apple will replace your bent iPad Pro, but it will cost you. After a month of normal use, a Macworld reader discovered that his 2018 11-inch iPad Pro was beginning to twist down the middle. To see if Apple would replace the device, especially in light of Apple’s announcement that some 11-inch iPad Pro units would be bent from the moment you opened the box, due to a manufacturing issue with the cooling system. This was standard, Apple appeared to suggest in an unquoted statement, and as a result, Apple would not replace units after the first 14 days.

Apple Store Will Charge Almost the Same Price to Fix Your BEnt iPad

iPad Pro (2018) Bending Issue - MacRumors

Fixing a bent iPad is a difficult task. Make sure you either give it to experts or use proper tools to unbend it

Using a Home Remedy to Fix Bent iPad

Stretch it out by bending it in half. Honestly, I’ve done this to both my iPad Pro and my iPad Air 2:
Put it on two pencils, bent side up, with one at each end. Apply pressure to the iPad with your palm, but only in the most delicate manner possible. You don’t want to break the glass by doing this a few times, but you also don’t want to go overboard. Continue until the line is straight.

Treat your iPad with care and avoid bending it in the first place.

Take Bent iPad to Third-Party Repair Shop

Make an appointment at a reliable Apple repair shop (third-party vendors). There will always be exceptions, but the glass and LCD should be removed and a special tool used to reshape the iPad’s body.

Even if you aren’t currently experiencing any problems, if you can manage it, I recommend getting it checked out. Bending the frame of your phone increases the risk of your screen cracking, which is a costly fix.

And, if you are out of warranty, Apple won’t replace it for you.

These are all the top options available to you to fix a bent iPad easily.

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