Will Nintendo DS stylus work on iPad & iPhone?

Mobile Will Nintendo DS stylus work on iPad & iPhone?

No, it isn’t going to work. A simple plastic stylus will not work with the iPad because it has a capacitive touch screen.

How to use Nintendo DS stylus on iPhone? Complete Process

A “capacitive” touchscreen is the sort of touch screen featured on an iPad touch. This means that the screen creates a little electrical impulse that can be detected by the human body. This makes it perfectly responsive when navigating the screen with a human finger, but it ignores a standard plastic stylus like the one included with the Nintendo DS. A DS stylus must be adjusted to affect capacitive screens in order to work on an iPad touch.

You’ll require the following items:

  • Nintendo Ds Stylus
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Sponge
  • Tape

Step By Step Process: Use Nintendo DS stylus on iPhone

  1. With your scissors, cut a sponge length half the length of the DS stylus and four times as thick.

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2. Slide the stylus down the length of the sponge, just like a pen cap. If the stylus cannot penetrate the sponge on its own, you may need to make a small hole in one end. Because you want the end of the sponge to be as stiff as possible, insert the stylus as far as you can.

3. Secure the rest of the sponge to the stylus with a generous wrapping of adhesive tape, leaving about a quarter-inch of sponge protruding from the end of the tape. To create a secure grasp, wrap the tape around multiple times.

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4. Wet the sponge’s protruding edge with simple water. The sponge may conduct electricity when wet and will respond well to a capacitive touchscreen. Your Nintendo DS stylus is now compatible with your iPad Touch.

5. To get the sponge to operate on your iPad touch, you’ll need to keep it damp. To minimize frequent trips to the faucet during lengthy use, keep a small glass of water nearby.

6. Simply unwrap your stylus and use a new piece of the sponge if the sponge begins to mildew or stink due to prolonged use of water.

Conclusion: Nintendo DS Stylus Ready to Use on iPhone

A resistive touch screen is used on the Nintendo DS, while a capacitive touch screen is used on the iPad. Both operate on a separate premise, which distinguishes their styluses. They utilize a Nintendo DS stylus to apply pressure to the iPad’s resistive screen, which will not work because the iPad has a capacitive screen.

When you try to use a Nintendo stylus on an iPad, it won’t work since it can’t change the electrical layer on the screen. As a result, they are not interchangeable and cannot be considered alternatives.


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