Telenor Djuice Internet Packages 2017: Daily, Weekly, Monthly 3-Day

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Telenor Djuice 3G/4G internet packages 2017 codes list of daily, weekly, monthly and three-day offer are given below. The details are provided to you so you can enjoy talking to anyone you want.

The Telenor djuice internet bucket is for your usage with customers only. You can now get 4G and 3G speeds in a much lower rate than before. The experience is smooth and provides flawless performance.

Telenor is the only company that provides the lowest internet packages and bundles for users. And, with Djuice you can enjoy even more utilities as it allows you to experience this technology on your smartphone with ease. Moreover, you can easily get Telenor Djuice packages of your choice at any time, every time by just subscribing to the offer.

The best thing about being a Telenor Djuice customer is that it provides even more offers with smashing costs.

We have added all the information below on how to get the lowest internet packages for your Djuice

Djuice 3G/ 4G Packages 2017 Codes Daily, Weekly, Monthly 3 Day Offer

Please note: All the packages are on 3G and 4G technology.  Even if 4G is not available in your area, the internect connectivity will be available on 3G coverage.

You can enjoy maximum 3G speed and high frequency with Djuice bundles.

  • 4G Daily Lite Bundle
  • 4G Daily Bundle
  • 4G Daily Unlimited
  • 4G Weekly Bundle
  • 4G Weekly Unlimited Daytime Internet Bundle
  • 4G Monthly Lite
  • 4G Monthly Plus Bundle
  • 4G 3 Days Bundle
  • 4G Hourly Bundle

The full table is available below for details. Click or Tap the table to make it even bigger. We have already placed it in readable font size.

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Bucket Name Price (Rs) Volume (MB) Validity Activation
4G Monthly Starter Bundle Rs. 300 2,250 MB Monthly *345*935#
Monthly Data Offer Rs. 140 2 GB + 1 GB Pocket TV Monthly *301#
4G Monthly Plus Bundle Rs. 1,195 10,500 MB Monthly *345*136#
4G Monthly Bundle Rs. 478 4 GB Monthly *345*135#

Telenor 3-Day Internet Packages

Bucket Name Price (Rs) Volume (MB) Validity
4G 3-Day Bundle Rs. 35 200MB + Free 200MB for Facebook 3 Days

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

Bucket Name Price (Rs) Volume (MB) Validity Activation
4G Weekly Unlimited Internet Bundle Rs. 70 2 GB A Week (1AM – 7PM) *345*144#
Weekly Plus Bundle Rs. 100 1200MB 7 Days *345*164#
4G Weekly Bundle Rs. 75 750 MB 7 Days *345*134#

Conditions for Telenor Djuice Internet Bundle:

Telenor Djuice internet bundle terms and conditions are applicable on each bundle available in this offer.

  • All the charges are inclusive of taxes and there are no hidden charges
  • You will get 4G internet speed on all internet packages provided the area is not covered by 4G transmitters.
  • If that happens, the speed will automatically downgrade to 3G or 2G depending on the smartphone model
  • The bundle offer will not resubscribe itself after the package expires
  • If all the MBs are consumed during the validity period, Telenor will notify you through a message.

That’s if for the Djuice 4G/3G internet packages of 2017. The bundle include all, hourly, weekly, monthly and even 3-day offer. Enjoy subscribing to the offers and let us know what is your internet speed on Telenor.

The Telenor call minutes, sms numbers, and huge data limit is all that we all crave for.


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