Moving Home in Dubai? Relocate DU & Etisalat

Dubai DU Etisalat Internet Relocation

People in the UAE frequently relocate and change residences for a mixture of reasons, including personal preference or boredom with the surrounding area. They move all of their belongings to another possession to give the impression that they have relocated their home, which is difficult but not impossible. They are powerless to move the facilities that were readily available to them due to their surroundings. Du Internet connection is the only facility that will travel with you throughout the UAE. Du provides internet access throughout the UAE so, you may use it at your new home as well. You do not need to re-register for the service you previously used. 

You simply need to read the service policy, which will provide you with the necessary information on how to apply for or receive benefits from Du.

When Moving Homes in Dubai, How Do You Move DU or Etisalat Internet?

Moving your home internet connection to your new address is one of the most critical jobs to complete while moving homes in Dubai. If you’re not sure how to do it, here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to move your internet connection in Dubai to a new address, including the estimated time frame and charges.

If you want to move within Dubai, the du home service transfer process is simple. Continue reading to learn about the du home internet relocation process and prices.

DU Transfer Home Service: How to Move It?

You can use their official website to obtain the du home moving service.

Select ‘Moving to a New Home’ from one of your Home Services (broadband, telephone, or TV) once you’ve logged into your account. To submit a request for du Home relocation service, fill out the information form. If the property documents are not in your name, you will be needed to produce your existing and new addresses, the new title deed or tenancy contract, and proof of relationship.

A customer representative will contact you within three business days to confirm your request and schedule the technician’s visit for installation in your new home once you submit your request. Take the WiFi router, TV decoder, and other wires to your new location while relocating the du internet connection to a new residence in Dubai. In your new home, the expert will install the equipment.

Please keep in intellect, that the forenamed procedure applies just if you are relocating to Dubai. 

You will be notified ,to cancel your current plan at no additional cost in this situation. If you have any further questions about how to transport your du home internet connection, call 800-155.

Etisalat ELife Internet Relocation: How to Move It?

After moving the home internet to a new place with Etisalat’s home moving service, a couple watches TV. Setting up WiFi in your new house with Etisalat is straightforward.

Are you looking for a way to move your Etisalat eLife connection to a new location? Etisalat users, like du subscribers, can request internet relocation services for their homes.

Etisalat ELife Internet Relocation With Mobile App

On your phone, download the My Etisalat app. The app is on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store both. Your new address, the date of your move, and any working landline numbers in the new home’s area will be required. Alternatively, you could offer the new address’s Etisalat ID or Makani number. After that, the eLife connection at your previous address will be terminated.

Etisalat’s customer service personnel will contact you to arrange for a technician to come to your new house and establish the eLife connection.

 After you submit your request for an Etisalat home service transfer a technician will visit you within seven working days.

Make sure to bring your WiFi router and TV decoder with you to your new address so the expert can finish the job.

Moving From One Emirate to Another? Relocate Etisalat or DU

If you are looking to move from one Emirate in UAE to another Emirate, then the process to relocate Du internet service or Etisalat internet service will remain the same.

The technicians of the Du or Etisalat networks can visit your new house and install the internet routers available to you.

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