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Turkey Visa from India: Application Process Requirements

Tech Turkey Visa from India: Application Process Requirements

Want to know the complete application process and requirements to visit Turkey from India?

Learn about the online Turkish visa for Indians, including the conditions for the visa and how to apply.

In order to visit Turkey, Indian citizens can now apply for an electronic visa. The Turkish eVisa system is quick, easy, and entirely online.

With an electronic visa, Indian tourists and business visitors can stay in Turkey for up to one month.

Do Indian citizens require a visa to enter Turkey?

Yes, Indian people require a visa to visit Turkey. In 2021, Indian individuals who meet all of the Turkey eVisa requirements will be able to apply for a travel visa online.

The eVisa process for Turkey is simple and quick. Applicants from India are not required to visit a Turkish embassy or undergo an interview.

The online Turkey visa for Indian citizens is valid for up to 30 days of tourist or business in Turkey.

How To Get A Turkish Visa For Indians?

In just three steps, Indian passport holders can obtain a visa for Turkey:

2. Pay the Turkey eVisa fees for India by completing the electronic visa form.

3. Submit the application for review.

The granted Turkish visa is emailed to the applicant. It can then be printed and taken with you on your journey from India to Turkey.

The majority of Indian visa applicants get their visas within 24 hours of submitting their application. In the event of any delays, travellers are encouraged to allow extra time for processing.

Indians who require a visa for Turkey today can choose the priority service, which guarantees processing in one hour.

Turkish Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens

Indians must have a valid visa or residence permit issued by one of the following countries to be eligible for a Turkish eVisa:

  • The United States is a Schengen member state.
  • The British Virgin Islands
  • Ireland

Furthermore, Indians must be travelling to Turkey for leisure or business.

Indians who do not meet all of these standards must apply through the Turkish Embassy in their home country.

Documents Required By Indian Citizens

To apply for a Turkish visa online, Indians will need the following items:

• Visa or residency permit from Schengen, the United States, the United Kingdom, or Ireland

• Debit or credit card to pay the eVisa fees

An email address is also required for applicants. On approval, the tourist receives an email with the authorised visa.

Turkey Evisa Application For Indians

Indian citizens must complete the Turkey e-Visa application form with their personal information and passport information.

For both business and tourist visas, the following information is necessary.

• First and last name

• Date and place of birth

• Passport number

• Passport issue and expiration date

• Email address

• Phone number

Indians must also answer a series of security questions and state when they want to travel to Turkey.

Before submitting the request, make sure you double-check all of the information. Mistakes or missing information could cause delays in processing and cause travel plans to be disrupted.

The third step is to use a credit or debit card to pay the Turkey eVisa costs for Indians.

Turkish Visas For Indians

Indian passport holders can apply for a variety of Turkish visas. The tourist visa is the only visa that may be obtained online; all other visas must be obtained through a diplomatic mission.

Turkey tourist/business visa

Indians can apply for a tourist visa to Turkey online. It is the best alternative for Indians travelling to Turkey for vacation or business.

It is a single-entry visa with a 30-day stay limit.

Transit visa

Passengers from India in transit do not require a visa if they will not exit the airport’s transit lounge.

If you want to exit the airport, you’ll need to apply for a transit visa.

Student/education visa

A student/education visa is available to Indians visiting Turkey as part of an exchange program, to participate in a course, or for other educational purposes.

Application forms and accompanying papers must be submitted to the Turkish Embassy.

Working visa

Academics, athletes, journalists, and other professionals from India must apply for a working visa in order to work in the United States.

Other types of Turkish visas

Indians with specific travel plans can apply for a variety of additional types of Turkish visas. Consider the following scenario:

For example:

•        Medical treatment

•        Seafarer visa

•        Archaeological excavation

Visit Turkey From India

For the granted visa for Turkey, Indian passengers should print at least one copy. They must enter Turkey within 180 days of the application’s arrival date. The validity duration of the visa is indicated on the approved visa.

The Turkey eVisa allows Indians to enter Turkey by any air, sea, or land port.

Traveling by plane from India to Turkey is the most convenient option. New Delhi and Mumbai both have direct flights to Istanbul.

Faqs About Indian Citizens Traveling To Turkey

Can Indians Go To Turkey?

Yes, Indian people are permitted to visit Turkey if they possess the necessary travel documents and meet the admission requirements.

Indians having a valid visa or residence permit from the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, or the Schengen area can apply for a Turkish eVisa online.

Indians who do not meet these standards must apply at an embassy for a traditional visa.

During the coronavirus outbreak, Indian visa applications are still being accepted in Turkey. Indians planning a trip to Turkey should review the COVID-19 entrance regulations for the most up-to-date information.

Can Indians Get Visa on Arrival in Turkey?

Indian passport holders are unable to obtain a visa on arrival in Turkey.

Before leaving India, Indian citizens must obtain a visa. Tourists and business travellers who match the eVisa requirements can apply for a visa online and receive one in as little as 24 hours.

The priority programme allows Indians with last-minute travel plans to obtain a visa in one hour.

Indians who do not qualify for the eVisa must apply for a visa in advance at a Turkish diplomatic post in their home country.


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