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5 best Android ApplicationsWe cannot deny one thing and that is, Android has made our work a lot easier. Even In Pakistan, most of the people do not have high tech laptops but now with the help of cheap tablet PCs they can do the same stuff that they will do on their computers (well most of it). That is, watching movies, doing assignments, sending emails, browsing websites and downloading torrents.

The Ipads are still very expensive in a society like Pakistan. But china made tablet computers are available in mere 7k.

These tablet PCs can perform nearly all the tasks that are described above.

But to carry out your chores on an Android tablet you will need:

1. A WiFi connection

2. Some good applications.

Well you can set up a wifi connection with yourself or you can request a neighbor to tell you his password… As for the android apps, here is a list of a few android apps that will help you to do all the said tasks.

Mx player:

Mx player is a google play application. For those who do not know google play, google play is an application store just like apple store or nokia Ovi store. mx player application has been downloaded more than 1million times and has a rating of 4 out of 5.

Functionality of mx player:

Mx player is a better player than most of the other players on google store. The video player has options to adjust brightness of videos and audio with just a tap of a finger. Moreover, users can zoom in and zoom out as per their needs by finger sensors. The video player also has a child lock functionality that can be easily activated by a tap. Users can also rewind and forward the videos by dragging their finger across the screen.

Download Here


utorrent is one such tablet application that most of us already know about. But not many people know that they can download tons of GB of data on their tablets by using a wifi connection and a faster processor. It is the most downloaded application for torrents and showcases a pretty good ranking.

Interface and functionality of utorrent:

The interface is sober as was expected of utorrent guys. You can download files from any browser using a torrent by just single click and can open or play them instantly by tapping the play button.

Just like in windows utorrent, you can also search torrent files directly from the application. All other functionalities that are available in windows are also available in utorrent application for tablets.

Download Here

Adobe reader:

Who doesn’t know adobe reader? This application is helping us open pdf files for years. The adobe reader application is one such application that allows the user to view pdf files and read novels, journals or even academic books on their tablets. The application receives a clean design and simple in functionality.

Functionality of adobe reader:

Adobe reader allows you to open all kinds of pdf files. You can copy the text in pdf and paste it in an email or in a document file that you are making. The app also lets users to change pages by dragging on the screen or zoom in and zoom out at their will. Moreover, changing from one page to another has been made a lot easier as compared to previous versions. Now users can get to a page by clicking the scroll bar which is located horizontally on the screen.

Download Here

Moon+ reader:

You can read pdfs on your tablet. But what if you want to open Epub files? Pdf readers do not support Epub files so moon+ reader application is a heaven for Epub lovers. The application allows users to open Epub files and op. Not only it allows them to read but also to view it in their own context. It allows day and night versions of them so they can read without getting strain on the eyes.

Functionality of moon+ reader:

moon+ reader has simple functions. It has a search bar through which user can find free books in at least 4 libraries from around the web and can read them anywhere as the files are downloaded on the tablet. We personally feel moon+ reader is best for small smart phone as the application can adjust the color of text and background as per user settings and small smart phones are not considered good for pdf files. Nevertheless, in case of this application, it shows fonts of Epub files according to the screen size that helps smart phone users to read books on smart phones.

Download here

Uc browser:

Light and fast… That’s what the majority of the people say when they imagine an internet browser. Well, as browser is one such browser that brings them the lightning speed that they want, to browse websites watch movies and more.

Functionality of uc browser:

Uc browser is basically a web browser for mobiles and smart phones. But it has been optimized by the company to work on tablets and touch phones that are not able to access cable networks (lack of cable port).

Uc browser offers mobile version of websites in smart phones. But in a tablet version the browser has fast browsing and caches a page much faster than mozilla or chrome.

The browser is a recommendation for all people who receive a tablet with slow CPUs.

Download here

What’s your favorite mobile application? Tell us about it and we will add it here…

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