Tawtheeq In Abu Dhabi; Documents, Fees, Contract Process

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In the United Arab Emirates, real estate is a well-regulated industry. There are laws and regulations to protect both landlords as well as tenants in Dubai or Abu Dhabi – particularities being that tenancy contracts must follow the Ejari system from Dubai, which was mandated by Government Vision 2030 two years ago;

Tawtheeq also requires its citizens to sign up for service through an online portal to report any issues with services like electricity or water supply straight away instead of waiting days later when it may be too late. This is even permanent if you are concerned about the Tawtheeq process and fees in Dubai!

How Can We Define Tawtheeq? 

The Tawtheeq contracts are an essential tool for ensuring tenancy agreements in Abu Dhabi. These registrations usually happen when you sign your first rental agreement with the government, and they’re required to follow all procedures else or adequately face the consequences like fines or even imprisonment!

Process of Tawtheeq Contract

The system is different from what people use over here (in Dubai) because it’s under the authority of the local Municipality, so there may be some more paperwork involved compared to the regular Ejari contract, which the tenant himself will take care of if needed! Now on to the Tawtheeq process and fees in Dubai

Tawtheeq Tenancy Process in Detail 

As soon as the tenants have been approved for Tawtheeq, their landlords can visit any of four Abu Dhabi Municipality-approved centers to get started.

These include the Customer Service Centre in City Head Office and three other branches around town.

The rest of the process of registering your property with the Abu Dhabi Municipality is simple:

  • You will need to open an account on their website, provide specific details about where you live and what type of contract (e.g., Tawtheeq) suits best for leasing out space to facilitate more accessible documentation
  • When it comes time for transactions such as setting up water/electricity hookups both during initial setup but also any changes made after that like reconnecting lost power lines etc.

Documents Requirements for Tawtheeq Process

  • Account opening form
  • A valid passport copy of the owner and their authorized signatory or representative.
  • You must provide various other pieces such as your Emirates ID card if applicable
  • If they are UAE nationals, then there should also be proof that includes documentation from family books with signatures proving ownership over property-specific assets like cars/other properties etc.,
  • Along with licenses pertaining specifically to trade activities carried out at present by company owners who may need these kinds of certificates when engaging workers on short term contracts.
  • If you’re a business, a copy of your business license.
  • A notarized copy of the property owner’s signature (in cases where the property owner has opted for that option).
  • A copy of the membership certificate from the chamber of business and industry (for companies only)
  • For businesses: A notarized power of attorney for signing authorization, the articles of incorporation, or a signed authorization letter
  • A soft copy of the property owner’s tenancy contract and unique terms and conditions, as well as a hard copy signed by the authorized signatory.

Additional papers, including as tenancy paperwork, tenant information, copies of valid Emirates ID, and so on, must be supplied once the account is created.

Tawtheeq contracts must be updated for renewals, cancellations, and other revisions, and the information must always be current.

Further Licensing Documentation & Requirements

  1. A copy of your trade license or license from where it was granted and any other licenses required by law. 
  2. Make sure this is legitimate as well – if not, we can refer instead; -Copies of anything about membership in an industry association such as chambers of commerce and industries.
  3. A signed power-of-attorney gives full authority for signature authorization on behalf of either yourself (as company president)or another individual who may act upon their behalf at signing time. 
  4. This person does NOT have to be a resident here but must possess legal capacity Documentary evidence confirming identity.

Fee Structure

AED 1,000 to initially register data of a leasable property plus AED 5 for each additional unit. This includes issuing new tenancy contracts in Abu Dhabi or renewing old ones there too.

Additionally, you can update your contract’s details if necessary such that they match what is agreed upon when signing it initially; cancelling/terminating the agreement before its expiration date without penalty so long as notice periods have been observed according to local laws governing this type of situation (represented here). However, termination requires an arbitrator appointed by both parties.


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