Turkey eVisa for Saudi Arabians: Application Process & Fees

turkey tourist visa

It is now feasible to apply for a Saudi Arabian visa from Turkey. The new electronic travel permission replaces traditional ‘stamp’ or ‘sticker’ visas and permits Saudi residents to stay in the country for up to three months, depending on nationality.
Other details about their journey will be revealed after their selected plane ticket provider confirms their booking; both tourists and business travelers may benefit from this Turkey Visa for Saudi Arabia!

To learn everything there is to know about Saudi Arabian visas in Turkey, go here.

  • Saudis can apply for a visa to visit Turkey.
  • How to apply for a Turkey visa online from Saudi Arabia
  • Using the eVisa to travel from Saudi Arabia to Turkey

Is Turkey Visa Required for Saudi Arabia?

Yes, it is correct. Saudi Arabian nationals require a visa to enter Turkey, with just a few exceptions. Most persons with diplomatic passports, on the other hand, are exempt from this regulation since they are members of an official delegation or have been granted permission directly from their government not to break the country’s immigration rules while there!

If Saudis are visiting Turkey for leisure or business, obtaining a Turkey visa is simple. The e-visa will allow them to enter the nation swiftly and easily, without having to wait in lengthy queues at embassies in their home countries for someone to decide whether they are qualified!

Electronic visas are the most convenient option for Saudi Arabian nationals to enter Turkish territory lawfully when traveling abroad. These only allow tourists entrance, not employment, so make sure all of your documentation is in order before going; otherwise, you can end up in more difficulty than being denied entry.

Turkey Visa for Saudi Arabia Complete Process

Applicants can gain entry to the Kingdom and everything it possesses in a couple of minutes. They’ll be on their way to some much-needed vacation time with just their travel documents and an internet connection at home or at work!

Applicants must take the following procedures to get a copy of an application:

1. Complete the online form.

2. Pay a nominal fee with your credit card or debit card from the comfort of your own home.

3. Get clearance in five business days or less!

Turkish Visa For Saudi Arabia: Requirements

Before applying for a Turkish e-Visa, it’s critical to understand the prerequisites. The following is a comprehensive list of all of them:

  • It’s critical to maintain your passport current. Make sure it’s valid for at least 150 days before entering, and you’re good to go!
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  • You must pay an application fee as part of the application procedure, which can be done with a credit card or a debit card.

The length of time a tourist visa in Turkey is valid depends on your nationality. Saudi Arabian tourists are only permitted to stay in the nation for up to 30 days during their 180-day visa, which they get after being accepted by Turkish officials at an embassy or consulate overseas.

The conditions say that you must have a valid passport with more than 150 days remaining on it before arriving in Ankara; else, these visas will not be provided! Single entries appear to be the exception rather than the rule right now, so candidates should bear this in mind when applying next year.

Turkey E-Visa From Saudi Arabia Application

To apply for a Turkish e-Visa, you’ll need the following information:

  • What is your first and last name?
  • Give your birthdate and location of birth.
  • Your passport number, as well as the date of issuance and expiration
  • Mention Phone number and email address

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