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Let’s learn how to set up Ufone 3G Internet APN Settings for Android and how to boost the signal strength of Ufone signal in low coverage areas.

First of all you need to go to settings section of your Android and then select mobile networks. In my mobile, it is possible by just clicking on settings > more or Wireless & Networks > Mobile networks

Now select Access Point Names. Select the + sign and start adding the following details.

Details for Ufone 3G Internet APN Settings for Android

Ufone 3G/4G Parameters
Name Ufone GPRS
APN ufone.pinternet (for prepaid)
APN ufone.internet  (for postpaid)
Proxy < blank >
User name < blank >
Password < blank >
MCC 410 (by default)
MNC 01 (use whatever is there by default)
Authentication Normal
Port (if required) 8080
Connection type HTTP
Network type IPv4

You can leave all the other fields as they are.

Press menu button and select Save

That’s it. You have successfully added Ufone internet settings. Now, save these and check if your internet works.

Details for Ufone 3G MMS APN Settings

Follow the same procedure for Ufone MMS settings. But in my opinion you don’t need Ufone MMS settings because the internet works without it. You don’t even need the APN settings because the Android smartphone will pick that up automatically.

Nonetheless, here is the procedure. Simply repeat what you did above.

  • Go to settings > Wireless and networks > Access point names.
  • Go to APN settings and select +
  • Now enter the following details within the selected fields.
MMS Configuration Parameters
MMS APN for Ufone Prepaid ufone.pmms
MMS APN for Ufone Postpaid ufone.mms
Login name < blank >
Password < blank >
Authentication Normal
MMSC http://www.ufonemms.com:80/
MMS Proxy Server Address
Port (if required) 8080
APN type MMS
  • Nothings needs to be added in the other fields

Note – You will have to turn ON the selected APN settings based on the type of package you have enabled.

If you are using it for GPRS then use the following parameters.

  • APN for Prepaid(GPRS): ufone.pinternet
  • APN for Prepaid(MMS): ufone.pmms
  • APN for Postpay(GPRS): ufone.internet
  • APN for Postpay(MMS): ufone.mms

Why is Ufone 3G Internet Signal too Weak?

If the Ufone internet is too slow then simply changed the preferred network type in Ufone.

Here is how to do it.

Go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > Preferred Network Type – Click it.

Change the preferred network type from ‘Global’ to ‘GSM / UMTS’. That’s it.

Now check if the mobile signal coverage becomes available.

Sometimes the mobile signals are available but you have limited connectivity. In that case change the global settings and you will get network coverage.

This usually happens in areas where the network coverage isn’t available or the signal is too weak. It happened with me in Gawadar. But by using this tip I was able to increase the coverage of the mobile network.

If Ufone Network Available But 3G Internet Not Working

You need to repeat the same above method if the Ufone signal strength is too weak. Because sometimes on the ‘Global’ preferred network settings, Ufone doesn’t pick the actual signal strength. By changing that to GSM/UMTS you provide it additional power to do that.


Ufone iPhone APN Internet Settings

If you want to enable Ufone Internet on your iPhone then this is a fairly simple process. Usually Ufone offers automated settings for both Android and iPhone but if the automated settings don’t work, then you can manually add the Access Point Network settings to enable internet on smartphone.

The below provided settings will work on following iPhones: iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 7S, iPad Pro.

To enable Ufone iPhone Internet settings simply go to:

Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Network -> APN and enter your details.

Ufone 3G Postpaid iPhone Users:

These are the Internet data settings for Ufone Access Point Network for postpaid users.
APN: ufone.internet
Username: Blank
Password: Blank
APN: ufone.mms
Username: blank
Password: blank
MMSC: www.ufonemms.com
MMS Proxy:
MMS Message Size: 1048576
MMS UA Prof URL: blank

Ufone 3G For Prepaid Mobile

These are the Internet data settings for Ufone Access Point Network for postpaid users.
APN: ufone.pinternet
Username: Blank
Password: Blank
APN: ufone.pmms
Username: blank
Password: blank
MMSC: www.ufonemms.com
MMS Proxy:
MMS Message Size: 1048576
MMS UA Prof URL: blank

Simply add these details to your iPhone or iPad and leave other details as blank. Now, try to connect to the internet.

Please note that the Ufone iPhone APN internet settings will only work when you have enabled the internet data package.

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