Configure Zong APN Internet/WAP/MMS Settings in Pakistan

Find all about Zong internet settings for your smartphone. These settings are available for iPhone, Android smartphones and will work on any device in Pakistan. Please follow the complete process provided below to get Zong internet setting code and SMS code for Samsung, Motorola, Android and iPhone smartphones.

Updated Guide for Zong Internet Settings in 2018/2019. Feel free to add these settings to you Zong smartphone.

Here is how to find Zong Automatic Internet Settings SMS. Here is the procedure for getting APN settings for WAP and MMS. The settings can also be available from SMS. So, let’s see how that’s possible.

Zong has provided the whole internet settings and configuration guide on its website. This means all Zong users can easily connect to the internet by following the information available there.

We have tried to improve that guide by adding more information to it.

You will find the following in our zong internet settings guide:

– How to Configure Internet on Zong

– How to Configure Zong MMS on Smartphone

– How to Configure Zong WAP on Smartphone

So, let’s get started.

The APN name for Zong is same: zonginternet

Configure Zong Internet With SMS

Here is how you can easily subscribe to Zong internet using SMS.

Zong subscribers will have to send a text message to 2161. This is the USSD short code to get Internet & MMS settings of your handset.

Please note: The SMS is free and you will not be charged for sending it.

Send ‘All’ to 2161.

You will receive the Internet settings for your smartphone. They will prompt you for the Pin code to install the settings on the smartphone free of charge.

Configuring Zong Internet Settings On Smartphone Manually

Here are the updated Zong settings that you can use on your Android and iPhones. These will work with both and setting them is fairly easy. If you are having difficulty in manual settings then you can send an SMS to Zong. It will provide you a setting file that will be automatically installed on your smartphone.


Configure Zong WAP On Mobile

Zong WAP settings for Android and iPhone are available below. Simply select the settings and add them to your APN settings field.

You will have to use the same strategy. Go to Settings > More > Network > APN Settings

APN Zongwap
Login Name < blank >
Password < blank >
Wap Gateway IP
Port (if required) 8000


Configure Zong Internet APN On Mobile

Similarly, like the Zong WAP settings, you can use Internet settings on your smartphone. Click on the ‘+’ button and it will allow you to add more configuration settings to the smartphone.

APN zongwap
Login Name < blank >
Password < blank >
Wap Gateway IP
Port (if required) 8000

Configuration for MMS

APN zongwap
Login Name < blank >
Password < blank >
Wap Gateway IP
Port (if required) 8000
Relay server/messaging server


The following are the Mobile Internet/MMS Settings for iPhone & Android


APN name Internet
APN zonginternet
Authentication Type: None
APN Type default


You can use the following APN settings for configuring of MMS on both Android & iPhone.

APN name MMS
APN zongmms
MMS Port 8000
APN Type mms

Configure Zong Internet Settings by Call

You will have to dial 310 from your smartphone.

You can also dial 310 from your Zong Mobile Number and our staff will help you configure your handset for Mobile Internet settings.

The settings need to be compatible with your smartphone.

Zong Internet Settings for Android, iPhone

These settings will work on all devices including Samsung, iPhone, and even Blackberry

Access Point Name (APN) : zonginternet
Username : Blank
Password : Blank

More > Network Connections > Mobile Network >APN > ‘+’ (click this button)

OLD – Zong APN Settings for Pakistan (MMS)

You can change the MMS settings in the same way. Simple go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks >Access Point Names (APN)

Click on the ‘Menu’ button and select “New APN”

Now add the following details.

Access Point Name (APN): zongmms
Username : Blank
Password : Blank
Proxy URL:
Proxy Username: Blank
Proxy Password: Blank

MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0

MCC: 410

MNC: 01

APN type: mms

Please note: There is a chance that these settings will not work on Android smartphones. If that happens, simply comment below so we can check. It may work on LG G3, Samsung galaxy 3, QMobile and so on. If it works, simply comment your handset number below.

Zong APN Internet Settings for iPhone

These settings will work on all latest iPhones including iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8. You can test these settings and then tell us if they don’t work.

Please note that you will have to activate Zong internet settings through the code. The zong 4g activation code will be sent to your mobile once you have the settings configured.

After the configuration of zong internet setting sms code will be sent on your mobile.

Get SMS from Zong for Internet.

  • Send a new text message from your smartphone
  • Type ‘all’ to 2161
  • Zong will send you internet settings
  • Install them. Enter PIN code i.e. 1234 if prompted.

OLD – Zong Internet iPhone Settings

Go to > Cellular > Cellular Data Network > APN and enter the following details

Cellular Data:
APN: zonginternet
Username: Blank
Password: Blank
APN: zongmms
Username: blank
Password: blank
MMS Proxy:
MMS Message Size: 1048576
MMS UA Prof URL: blank

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