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Ufone Internet Tricks & Free Internet Codes

Telecom Ufone Ufone Internet Tricks & Free Internet Codes

Ufone is filled with surprises. You can get free internet, watch movies online for free, talk to your friends and family members through free minutes, send SMS through free SMS service, and even connect to internet through VPN service.

Surprised? We aren’t joking. There are numerous Ufone internet codes and services that anyone can use with Ufone. Let’s learn more about Ufone internet tips and tricks and how users can use them to get free internet codes, free calling minutes and much more.

Some of the latest 2019 tricks and codes which are 100% working on android.

Here is a list of the most legitimate Ufone tips and tricks to use the internet free of cost by using the Ufone 4G SIM CARD. Some of the ways need to use the free internet proxy and some of them are using by VPN.

Ufone Tips & Tricks and different methods to use free internet on Ufone SIM are available below. Let’s see how to use the Ufone SIM lagao offer first.

FREE Internet With Ufone SIM Lagao Offer

First in our list is the Ufone SIM Lagao Offer? With it you can activate 60 days of internet. But for this offer, you should not use your previous SIM card for almost 60 days, only then you will get the free internet, SMS, and call minutes.

When your have not used the Ufone SIM card for 60 days, you will get free internet MBs, free On-net Minutes, SMS for next 30 days. The free internet is for 3GB data volume, 3000 SMS and Minutes.

To activate the Ufone SIM lagao offer, dial Internet Code *5000# and get freebies right away in your android phone.

Offer Price Rs. 00
Free Internet Volume 3GB
Ufone Minutes/SMS 400 Minutes & SMS
Subscription Code Dial *5000#
Validity 30 Day

Ufone Free Internet with New SIM Offer

If you don’t have a Ufone SIM card, then the best way to reap profits from Ufone is with the ufone Sim card. You can get the Ufone SIM card for Rs. 100/- to 150/- and get a lot of MBs, minutes and SMS

Simply dial Ufone SIM card for free internet with *1000# ufone code.

You will be able to get free 1GB internet, 500 SMS and On-net minutes. You may also get extra 25 Off-net minutes, for Rs. 0/- only.

You may have to add 50 PKR to your Ufone account to reap the full benefits of the Ufone New SIM offer.

Offer Cost Rs. 00
Recharge Require Rs. 50
Free Internet MBs 1GB
Ufone Minutes 500 On-net & 25 Of-net Minutes
SMS 500 All network SMS
Subscription Code Dial *1000#
Validity 30 Day

 Ufone FREE Internet with Proxy 2019

  1. Go to Android Mobile Settings.
  2. Go to Mobile Network
  3. Find Access Point Names and Open it
  4. Now you need to Edit the Default Access Point
  5. Type internetin the APN field
  6. Open UC Handlerand Change its Proxy Type to REAL HOT
  7. For proxy server, Enter com
  8. That’s It. Save

Most people have reported that Ufone offers free ways for people to get online. But these ways are only available to Ufone employees and a few close ones. Not everyone can know about Ufone free internet offer. The method is almost the same for all mobile companies network but the access point, APN, and server values are different.

Sometime companies change the proxy when they know a lot of users using their internet free so I did share your latest possible settings which are working perfectly.

Simply add the Ufone settings to for free unlimited internet on your smartphone by using Ufone SIM.

 Ufone FREE Internet Social Package

For Ufone Free internet, you will need a few USSD codes.

By activating this bundle, you will get free 1GB data for the whole month and enjoy WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

To get free Ufone internet along with the social bundle, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Activate Social Package by dialing *5858#in just  50
  2. Install Slow DNSapplication from play store.
  3. Open the application and chose FREE Server
  4. Choose Tunnel Guru > Null > 1000 > 80
  5. Finally, Hit connectand enjoy Ufone FREE Unlimited Internet.

Ufone VPN Proxy Method with SkyVPN

Another great way that’s listed on many websites is the Ufone VPN proxy method. The method allows users to easily get free internet through the SkyVPN service.

People have said that it is a working method to use free ufone internet but we haven’t tested it ourselves.

There are a few simple steps you need to follow.

  1. search SkyVPN – Free VPN Proxyapplication on Google Play
  2. Installthe application on mobile.
  3. Click on the Connect button in the app.
  4. You will get the message that the VPN is ON
  5. Now go back to Home Screen and start using internet free.

Ufone Free Internet with Ussd Code

In this offer, you will have to dial *987# from your smartphone to get free internet with Ufone.

With the offer you can get 5GB of internet.

If the above offer doesn’t work, you can get free ufone internet by dialing *5015# dial from your Ufone number.

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