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Now that Afghanistan has again become stable companies are starting to setup their businesses in the country. And, that has given tons of opportunities to anyone who would like to start a business in Afghanistan or whose relatives live in the country.

Considering that, Ufone is offering call packages for Pakistan to Afghanistan calls. If you are in Pakistan and would like to make a quick call to the neighbouring country that is completely possible with Pakistan to Afghanistan call packages. Here is how to get started.

Ufone Pakistan Afghanistan Call packages -How to Start?

Good news for all using Pakistan SIM card. Now you can call all Etisalat Afghanistan numbers from Pakistan for 11 Paisas+tax/second.

This is the first time any company has introduced an offer to call Afghanistan from Pakistan that too for such low rates! You can call on a per second basis. This means if you are talking for 59 seconds, you won’t be charged for 1 minute instead you will be charged ‘per second.’

Subscription Details for Calling Pakistan to Afghanistan

There is no subscription for charges for calling Pakistan to Afghanistan. Any number with Ufone SIM card can avail this offer.

Here is the breakdown of charges.

You will be charges 0.13+tax for call setup. Once the call is setup, you will have to pay 11 paisas + tax / second. Note: If you are a postpaid SIM user, then you will have to pay GST tax on all calls made internationally this includes Afghanistan.

So, for example a call is for 10 seconds. The call rates will be: (0.11PKR * 10) + (0.13+tax call setup charges) + GST Tax (for Postpaid users only).

FAQ for Pakistan to Afghanistan Ufone Call Package

What if I have U500 or U1000 call package?

If you are using any call package such as U50, U250, U550, U1000, U1600, & U5000 packages, air time will be charged as per the package plan in addition to the IDD charges.

What is the USSD code for Pakistan Afghanistan Call package?

There are no charges for subscribing to the Pakistan Afghanistan Ufone call package. The offer is completely free for anyone who would like to make calls to their relatives and friends in Afghanistan.

Read more about the making calls with Ufone from Pakistan to Afghanistan here.

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