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Check Ufone Sim Owner Details by Mobile Number

Telecom Ufone Check Ufone Sim Owner Details by Mobile Number

Through this method you will be able to check Ufone Sim Number with Code in 2017.

Today we are going to tell you how to check your ufone sim number with code. The number basically allows users to check their own number if they have, for some reason, forgotten it.


Ufone: Dial *336*1# (free)

Check Ufone Sim Owner Details by Mobile Number
If you want to verify the status of your Ufone SIM card, then dial the following code from your mobile number:
Dial USSD code *336#, a menu will appear at which Type 1. The sender will get the verification status of his number.

The number can then be shared with their friends and family members so they can save it in their phone.

Find Ufone Sim Owner Details by Mobile Number

Check Ufone Sim Number with Code:

Dial *780*3#  from your mobile. You will receive the Ufone SIM number on your screen in a couple of seconds.

Dial *780*3#  from your mobile.


Dial *1# from your phone and you will reiceve a message on your screen in a couple of seconds.

Please note, the second option won’t work with every phone. And, it is different for different areas.

The method is completely free and in this way you can check your Ufone number allotted to the SIM card for free. This way you will be able to find the information of the owner of Ufone Sim card. This is just one way to find Sim owner name by mobile number. Another way is to simply contact the PTA authorities.

You can visit this website to find Ufone owner CNIC and name.

Find Ufone Sim Owner Bio Data with 667

Send “MNP” to SMS short code 667.

This is the number provided by PTA to find if Ufone number is registered on the owner’s CNIC or not.

Track Ufone SIM Owner Location in Pakistan

Please note that you cannot trace Ufone mobile number in Pakistan unless you have GPS enabled.

here is how you can trace your Ufone mobile number.

Go to Google Find my device. You will have the option to send a ring to your mobile number.

You can now trace your Ufone mobile phone in your house by ringtone.

Call Friend to get Ufone Sim Bio Data

The Ufone SIM has a specific number. This number is also available on the SIM card socket, that you have bought from the shop. If you have misplaced the number then the best way to find is to call someone from your mobile phone. That person will see your number with the call.

This way you will know what your number is.

The number will be shown on your screen as (MSISDN: 9233********)

This way you can find the number of an unknown SIM with zero balance in it.

The method is completely free and can be used to find unknown Ufone sim card number. In urdu ‘yeh ufone ka sim number free check karne ka tarika hai’


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