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Jazz Balance Save Code to Save Internet Balance Online

Jazz Balance Save Code to Save Internet Balance Online

If you use Jazz services in Pakistan, managing your mobile balance effectively is crucial for seamless communication. Jazz offers a convenient solution known as the Balance Save Code, designed to help you monitor and protect your remaining credit. This guide will walk you through how to use the Jazz Balance Save Code and the Doosra Balance Service, ensuring you stay connected without unexpected balance deductions.

What is Jazz Balance Save Code?

The Jazz Balance Save Code, also referred to as the Balance Check Code, is a USSD command tailored for Jazz users in Pakistan. It provides a simple way to check your account balance, allowing you to stay informed about your remaining credit at any time.

How Does Jazz Save Code Service Work?

The Jazz Save Balance service is particularly beneficial for users who may accidentally incur charges, such as using the internet without a data package. Here’s how it works:

  • Protecting Your Balance: When you run out of MBs on your data package or inadvertently activate data mode without a bundle, the service intervenes. It either disables internet access or locks your balance to prevent additional charges, ensuring you don’t deplete your credit unintentionally.

How Can I Save Jazz Balance?

Jazz provides two effective methods for users to safeguard their mobile balance:

Method Code/Number Steps
*Jazz Balance Save Code (275#) *275# Dial *275# and follow the prompts for subscription and confirmation.
2754# To unsubscribe, dial 2754# to deactivate the Jazz Balance Save Code.
*Doosra Balance Service (869#) *869# Dial *869# to activate the Doosra Balance Service and follow the instructions.
8693# To unsubscribe, dial 8693# to opt out of the Doosra Balance Service.

What is Jazz Doosra Balance Service?

In addition to the Jazz Balance Save Code, Jazz also offers the Doosra Balance Service. This service creates an additional balance account on your Jazz SIM, allowing you to transfer and retrieve balance as needed.

How Does Doosra Balance Service Work?

The Doosra Balance Service provides flexibility in managing your mobile credit:

  • Activation: Dial *869# to initiate the Doosra Balance Service on your Jazz number.
  • Confirmation: Upon subscription, you will receive details about available options for using the Doosra Balance.
  • Balance Transfer: Pay a nominal fee of Rs. 1 + tax to transfer your balance back into the main account whenever required.
  • Unsubscribe: To opt out of the Doosra Balance Service, dial 8693#.


In a world where connectivity is paramount, Jazz’s Balance Save Code and Doosra Balance Service empower you to manage your mobile credit efficiently and avoid unforeseen charges. Whether you choose to activate the Jazz Balance Save Code for immediate balance protection or utilize the Doosra Balance Service for added flexibility in balance management, Jazz ensures that you have the tools to stay connected without worry. Take control of your mobile balance today and enjoy uninterrupted communication with Jazz’s reliable services.

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