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Telenor Economy Package – Overview, Details, Prices

Telecom Telenor Telenor Economy Package – Overview, Details, Prices

Telenor has launched the economy package for people who would like to try the regular Telenor offers without activating any daily, weekly, or monthly offers. With the economy package, all that is possible. The users will just have to buy a Telenor SIM and the Telenor economy package will automatically update.

Here are the details:

Telenor Economy package:

Pulse 60 Sec

You can call all the networks from Telenor at amazingly low rates through the Telenor Economy Package.

Telenor Economy Package Charges

  • The On net call charges are Rs. 2.40+Tax
  • The Off net call charges are Rs. 2.40+Tax
  • FNF charges: 1.08 PKR
  • SMS charges 1.8PKR
  • 3G/4G charges: Rs 12/MB

With this offer you get a limited balance. This means it will only work until the package is activated.

The package is only a 60 seconds one. This means it will again charge you 1.8PKR after 60sec are over.

These include calls to all networks. The video calls are pretty different.


Activation Telenor Economy Package
You can activate the Telenor economy package by visiting the official website here.

How can I send Telenor SMS Package?
You can send 1.8PKR SMS after subscribing to the Telenor Economy package.
The international SMS will cost you Rs.6.

What are on net minutes in Telenor?
On-net minute charges means making calls from Telenor to telenor number. WIth this offer, you will be charged 2.4 PKR for on-net minutes per minute.

  • Video calls are also at 2 rupees plus tax per five minutes
  • The SMS charges to any network are: Rs. 1.50+Tax
  • Internet Charges are 3G/4G: Rs 12/MB

Now call on all networks at amazing call rates with Telenor Economy.

Friends & Family Telenor-Telenor(6am – 6pm)        Rs. 0.90 + Tax / Min.

Friends & Family Telenor-Telenor(6pm – 6am)       Rs. 1.50 + Tax / Min.


 Outgoing  Rs. 1.50 + Tax
 Outgoing International  Rs. 5.00 + Tax


 Internet/WAP Usage (Upload/Download per MB)  

3G/4G: Rs 12.00 incl.Tax

2G: Rs. 18.00 incl.Tax


Size Local MMS International MMS
Under 100 KB 6 PKR incl.Tax 17.99 PKR incl.Tax
100KB-200KB 12 PKR incl.Tax 35.98 PKR incl.Tax
200KB-300KB 18 PKR incl.Tax 53.97 PKR incl.Tax


Free Services offered with the Economy package

  • Call Waitnng
  • Conference Calling (subscription).

Terms and Conditions of Telenor Economy Package

  • The balance validity is based on recharge.
  • Like all calls, the setup charges of 12.5 paisa excluding tax will be charged on every call.

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