How to Recharge Ufone Card, Super card, or load balance?

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Many users face problem while recharging their smartphones through ufone scratch card. The easiest way to do it is by pressing *123*Scratched Code.

For example:


And press send or call key on the smartphone.

If this doesn’t work for some reason then you can call 123 from your Ufone number.

Only instance when my card didn’t work was when there was a ufone blackout. No ufone card was working at that time. And, I loaded a card in my smartphone and even that wasn’t working.

So, you have to wait and see what the problem is. Most of the time, it is just because of less signal strength.

Just remember to dial From Your phone

String:*123*(14 digit PIN)#

Loading Balance in Ufone:

You can also load balance in your ufone account by visiting an easy load shop near you. The easy shop owner will provide the required balance in your mobile.

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How to load Ufone supercard?

The above method will also work for loading ufone super card. There isn’t any difference between the two cards so you can load both of them with ease by dialing 123 and then pressing the buttons required or by sending code to *123*CODE#.

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