Working Aircel USSD Codes for Balance Transfer Number

Telecom Working Aircel USSD Codes for Balance Transfer Number

As one of the biggest telecom network of India, Aircel is known for its quality service and a large userbase. Because of this large userbase, users of Aircel want to transfer balance from one mobile to another. They often want to send balance to a friend or a family member but don’t know the process.

Here is how you can transfer balance between Aircel to Aircel mobile networks using the code provided below.

The facility of transferring balance from one Aircel number to the other will only work if you have zero balance. So, here is how to get it done.

It provides good customer experience for the telecom operator.

Here are two ways to resolve the Aircel balance transfer issue.

  1. Transfer balance from Aircel Number to the Next
  2. Takr Loan Credit for Aircel

Both these services are useful when you are in an emergency and short on money. You can easily get the balance from a friend or get loan credit from Aircel directly.

Aircel Balance Transfer USSD Codes

The transfer of balance only works between prepaid Aircel numbers. If you are using postpaid number to transfer balance from one Aircel number to the next then it will not work. More information is provided about it in the Aircel balance TOC section.

Balance Transfer USSD Code for Aircel

Please dial the following code from your Aircel smartphone to transfer balance from one mobile to the next.

Dial *121*666# and proceed with the instructions.

Here are the charges for transferring balance from one number to the other.

Balance transfer amount Transaction Charges
5 1
10 2
25 4
50 8
75 10
100 12
As you can see, the charges range from 1 PKR to 12 PKR for balance from 5 PKR to 100 PKR  


Aircel Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions

  • Only transfer of Rs.5 to Rs 100 is allowed.
  • Aircel charges of Rs.1,2,4,8,10 or 12 per transfer is allowed
  • You can only transfer one time per day
  • You need to be a customer of Aircel for at least three months before you can transfer balance to another account or get balance
  • Balance transfer service is only allowed for users on prepaid network

How to Get Aircel Credit Loan with USSD Code

You can also get credit loan service from Aircel telecom network if the balance transfer facility is not available. The users can only avail the talktime facility case of an emergency and if they only have zero balance in their mobile

You can get 10 rupees from Aircel as loan credit. Taking more credit transfer is not allowed at the moment.

Make sure that you have zero balance and that you have returned the previous loan to Aircel otherwise the credit loan will not be issued.

Aircel USSD Code for Loan Credit

Simply dial *414# or IVR 12880 from your mobile phone to get loan of 10 rupees.

You can also send SMS LOAN to 55414 to get loan charges.

If you have a question or would like to say something simply comment below.

Make sure to share this Aircel balance transfer article with your friends and family so they can also know how to get loan using the USSD codes.

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