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The United Arab Emirates (UAE), especially Dubai, is a safe area. But as an overseas traveler in the UAE, it’s not always unexpected when looking for a solution to this question. “Is it safe to travel to Dubai?” Well, don’t worry. For example, in the first area, it is very wise to take regular precautions to maintain tour coverage and protect yourself and your valuables. 

Here are some regular inquiries from site visitors planning a vacation to Dubai or any other emirate of the United Arab Emirates this year. 

First question first:

Is it secure to holiday in Dubai? 

So, how secure is Dubai as a holiday vacation spot

Tourism can be so important in Dubai that the number of visitors has increased significantly over the years. However, these can be a minor issue for a safe trip to Dubai. However, to be safe in Dubai, it is even more important to understand the legal guidelines and culture of your neighborhood and stop pushing the limits right away. Dubai is a safe area from a technical point of view, but it is now less liberal, as seen in various international locations in the west. 

Are there pickpockets in Dubai?

Although you aren’t probable to be pick-pocketed throughout your holiday or live in Dubai, it can come as a worrying wonder to hear that there have been times while a small percent of those who have been centered through petty thieves throughout their time within the city. So, the great factor to do could be, rather than leaving matters to fate, manipulate and benefit peace of thoughts through taking a few precautions to hold your money, passport and different valuables in a secure safety belt that can tuck below your garments, or in a hidden zipper pocket. 

Can you stroll around in Dubai alone?

Yes, you may stroll around freely in Dubai, but, simply as in any region, practice warning while strolling through the crowded areas of Dubai or any other emirates.

A few tips that you should follow include:

  1. Stay within the crowded areas
  2. Wear a safety belt so that your important belongings are never pick-pocketed
  3. Know the tourist police station & their phone numbers
  4. Stay away from dark or unlit areas
  5. Always stay on the main roads or within public areas
  6. Avoid dark alleys or less-crowded areas even if they are in safe locations
  7. Always have your location shared with a loved one. You can use WhatsApp to share your live location with a loved one for 24 hours. Use this free service when you are strolling around Dubai alone.
  8. Wear regular clothes and avoid revealing clothes when traveling in Dubai or other emirates. Since most of this is a Muslim area, people will recommend to wear clothes that are not too skimpy.
  9. Don’t travel alone late at night especially if you are far from your hotel in Dubai. You can get assistance from the hotel cabs if you want to travel from one place to the other. Hotel cabs are regulated, they may have a higher fare but they are far safer than any other ride you will get at night.

Is Dubai Safe for Ladies

Dubai is a secure vacation spot for ladies’ travelers. In fact, Dubai is some of the secure Middle Eastern towns for ladies. Women are visible regularly commuting by myself for tours or paintings. Dubai is genuinely one of the liberal towns in this region. Women are authorized to drive, paintings etc., and lead a liberal way of life here, in assessment to numerous different Gulf counterparts. However, you will be in for undesirable interest in case you are visiting by myself. Women travelers must be conscious that they may be journeying an area that clings to sturdy conventional roots. But that said, despite the fact that Dubai has low crime rates in general, simply as everywhere in the world, there may be crime towards ladies if they are not careful enough.

Dubai Tourism Police Contact Information

Emergency Contact Number:

  • 999
  • +97125127777 for Abu Dhabi
  • 8004438 or 800-4888 for Dubai
  • 600545555 for Tourism Police in General

Email: [email protected]

That being said, Dubai is a secure area for anyone traveling irrespective of gender, no-doubt, but, as a tourist you must nonetheless remember your surroundings. 

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